Getting Info From Graphics

The Show That  Details How to Survive in Almost Any Situation, While Discussing Interesting Unheard History 

By: Mark Deutsch 

The YouTube channel that makes people believe insane science to most extravagant myths. Credit:

The Infographics Show is a YouTube channel that focuses on myths, real experiments, and history. The show’s content is solely in animation, which makes it easier to display any mythic content. 

Andrej Preston, creator, and founder of the channel has been publishing content since 2011. His show covers a wide variety of topics that include interesting people from history, plus the supernatural. His content is interesting since the channel has its very own human test subject. 

In several episodes they have their trained but lowest paying employee go through weird experiments. Using him they’ve tested what the side effects are for different things, from a month of junk food to soaking in soda. These are just some of the unusual experiments that they’ve put this guy through. 

Some of the funnier experiments include having him not lie for seven days and examine the results. Another time he was told to eat the California Reaper, the hottest pepper on the planet with documentation. Most of these experiments were just done for the amusement of the channel, basically just random challenges. 

The main constituent of the show besides using their lab rat is talking about obscure yet fun history. They’ve covered criminals like Bonnie and Clyde along with many more famous criminals like the Zodiac killer. Of course, the history covered isn’t all about death and does cover fun pieces of history. 

The show has been talking about ancient natural disasters and people who’ve survived horrendous disasters. From people who’ve managed to survive a sinking ship besides the famous Titanic, to people surviving a weird freaky experiment. That’s right, the show does talk about inhumane experiments besides their own mini human tests. 

Among their episodes on weird experiments is a famous one that’s called the Russian Sleep experiment. Even the show wasn’t clear about if this was actually true, but they presented everything in crisp juicy details. Besides other experiments, they’ve also covered famous mythic horrors from the internet. 

The show covers monsters from everywhere from Siren Head to movie monsters such as The Babadook. The show even includes strategies on how to either kill or simply just survive the monsters. Considering that the program covers awesome content about the supernatural they also cover interesting content about war stories. 

They include stories about wars that happened around the world and covered the odd salient parts. They managed to uncover great stories that had been lost to obscurity, while also bringing attention to the story. 

Some of the videos are about people who’ve managed to survive very fascinatingly, dangerous situations. Another feature of the series of military episodes is evaluations of armies or weapons. More info about this military content can be found on their channel.

The Infographics YouTube channel is all about freak accidents, how to defeat monsters, and odd bits of history. This program will pique your interest and educate you about things that you could never learn from a textbook.

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