The Ultimate Fondue Experience

The Melting Pot Allows Guests to Cook and Dip their Foods in Various Fondues

By: Brooke Price

Try something new at The Melting Pot. Credit:

Looking for a fun new restaurant experience? Then The Melting Pot is right for you!

At this restaurant, people can try various types of fondue and get the unique experience of cooking their food.

A popular item to order is the complete fondue experience for two. This is a four-course meal which includes cheesy fondue, a salad of your choosing, an entrée where you can choose which style you want to cook your meal, either in a broth or grill it, and a tasty dessert fondue. As part of the meal, you get to eat with skewers, which is a fun part of the experience.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, there is a QR code you can scan in the restaurant before you get to your table where you can view the digital menu on your phone. Paper menus are also available upon request. 

For the appetizer, you get a tray of fruit and veggies and some bread that you can dip into the cheese of your choosing. Some of the cheese fondues you can order include Wisconsin cheddar, which is made with aged cheddar, Emmenthaler, Sam Adams Boston Lager, garlic, and quattro formaggio, which is made with butterkäse, fontina, fresh mozzarella, parmesan, white wine, roasted garlic and basil and sun-dried tomato pestos.

For the salad course, you can get a choice of a house salad, Caesar salad, or a California salad, which includes gorgonzola and candied pecans.

When you order your entrées, you can pick from various options, such as the classic, land, and sea, etc. that can contain different meats or seafood options. Some of the different meats and seafood options that can be ordered include shrimp, sirloin, pork, duck, and ahi tuna. Guests can also create a selection of their own favorite meats, seafood, or vegetables. 

Once guests order their entrées, its time for the fun part—picking your fondue cooking style. The different cooking styles guests can order include cooking their entrées in a broth or grilling it on the tabletop. 

There are different broths guests can cook their entrées in. Some of these broths include court bouillon, which is a seasoned vegetable broth, coq au vin, which is a burgundy wine broth with mushrooms, scallions, and garlic, and mojo, which is the Caribbean inspired broth with garlic, cilantro, and citrus. 

There are timers on The Melting Pot website that you can set so you know how long to cook your meats and seafood. 

The dessert fondue is also a delicious end to the meal. These different fondues include plain milk chocolate, bananas foster, smores fondue, and the flaming turtle which contains milk chocolate and is flambéed and topped with candied pecans. Guests get a little tray of sweets such as marshmallows, fruit, brownies, and cake to dip into the fondue of their choosing.

This experience is also like dinner and a show because the server makes the fondue in front of you in the pot. They show you how the fondue is made and tell you the different ingredients as they put them in step by step. This was a fun experience since you get to see how the fondue is made right before your eyes!

Guests can also get some perks when they sign up for The Melting Pot email, Club Fondue. When guests sign up for Club Fondue, they receive a complimentary box of six chocolate covered strawberries and can also get birthday vouchers. 

The Melting Pot is a great experience to try your hand at being your own chef for the day and indulge in some tasty fondue. The restaurant chain has some locations within the tristate area such as Red Bank, New Jersey, White Plains, New York, and King of Prussia, Pennsylvania, where guests can relax and try a unique experience. 

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