Mike Tyson vs Roy Jones Jr fights ends in a draw, while YouTube boxing seems to gain more attention

After eight rounds of boxing, both fighting legends ended the fight with no serious damage 

By: Emmanuel Mendez

Tyson and Jones received special belts after their fight. Credit:

The Mike Tyson vs Roy Jones Jr. event was an exciting one for many boxing fans around the world. Two of the best boxers of all the time went one on one for the first time. Both Mike Tyson and Roy Jones Jr. came out of retirement for this exhibition fight and they were both at risk of seriously getting hurt because of their ages, Tyson at 54 and Jones at 51. 

Even though the fight was anticipating because of these legends coming back to fight, there were serious rules to be followed for the fight. There was a ‘no knockout’ rule for the fight because the fighters didn’t want to wear a head guard. 

There were only eight rounds of boxing rather than the classic 12 rounds and there were two-minute rounds as opposed to the classic three minutes. If any of the fighters were to get a cut, then the fight would immediately stop and there wasn’t going to be an official winner. 

The rules still didn’t ruin the fight for boxing fans as they still got to see both Tyson and Jones show their skills. Tyson was still showing some toughness by throwing some great body shots and Jones kept moving around slipping a few jabs here and there. 

The fight was very close but in the end, you could tell that both fighters were a bit fatigued due to their age. Both fighters kept on going and were able to finish the eight rounds with no serious injury or damage. There was an unofficial scorecard for the fight which declared the fight to be a draw.

After the fight, Tyson was satisfied with how the fight turned out and said the draw was fine even though he believed he won the fight. Jones agreed that the draw was fine and stated that he was impressed by Tyson’s ability after not competing for 15 years. Jones admitted that the shots he took from Tyson really took a toll on him. 

Tyson said he is willing to do more exhibition fights and after this fight, it seems it wouldn’t be a problem for him. The event was a success because it made more than $80 million in revenue. 

The co-main event was between Youtuber Jake Paul and former NBA player Nate Robinson. This was Robison’s first professional boxing fight while this would-be Jake`s second pro fight. His first pro fight was earlier this year when he took on another boxing YouTuber AnEsonGib. 

That fight resulted in a win for Jake after scoring three knockdowns in the first round. This fight only lasted two rounds after Jake Paul knocked Robinson out with a right hook. Jake scored two knockdowns before the knockout and the fight was one-sided from the start.

Jake Paul is 2-0 and is calling out MMA fighters Dillion Danis, UFC`s Conor McGregor and another Boxing Youtuber, KSI. KSI defeated Jake Paul’s older brother Logan Paul in a fight last year in the Staples Center and now Jake wants to avenge Logan.

The Jake vs Nate result led to more spark amongst other YouTubers and fights with Youtubers like Austin McBroom and even Logan Paul himself. Logan Paul also called out a famous fighter, Floyd Mayweather. 

The challenge was accepted and on December 6th, both Logan and Floyd Mayweather confirmed their fight to take place February 20, 2021, in a special exhibition fight. Times in boxing are crazy now with Youtubers fighting and calling out actual fighters. 

KSI has said this is great for Logan and will be supporting his fellow Youtuber even though they fought a year ago. KSI is keeping his eyes on Jake Paul and that fight will look to be getting done in the near future.

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