A Letter From The Editor

Photo Credit: Sabrina Benet

To the students of CSI,

My name is Sabrina Benet, and I am the Editor-in-Chief of The Banner. 

We would love to have you report for us! 

At The Banner, we will help you with your writing and reporting skills. We want to hear and publish your voice. Some of the topics we are interested in include: Sports, Politics, Sex and Relationships, Opinions, and Lifestyles. Is there a band you just saw? A show you binge-watch? Write about it for our Arts and Entertainment section! We also report on breaking campus news. 

The Banner is currently working on ways to showcase other clubs and organizations on campus that are active within our upcoming issues.

It is important to me that my staff and fellow students feel they have a safe space to grow as writers and aspiring professionals. It is my mission to make sure the voices of our student body are heard clearly. 

Lastly, at The Banner, we encourage anyone to get involved. If you have an interest in writing in a creative environment, editing, or even making new friends, we are eager to welcome you to our team. 

Our meetings are held via Zoom on Thursdays at 3 pm, please email us for the link. 

You can also contact us with any questions at

The journey ahead holds a lot of opportunity and growth, and I am eager to begin. I hope you all have a successful and fulfilling semester. 

I’ll see you at our next meeting. 



Sabrina Benet



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