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Remote Learning Leads to Lower GPA’s; A Tragedy

CSI students are likely to have a lower GPA while engaging in remote learning.

By: Rawan Raja

Remote learning hypnotizing students to be engaged. Photo Credit: Rawan Raja

After almost two semesters and a half of remote learning, I’m still trying my very best to adjust to the workflow. Being able to attend your classes from home is too good to be true.

“Speaking from experience, asynchronous classes can lead to a lower GPA,” said Nicole Gutic. “It’s on our own time but some students need that push from professors.”

At the beginning of the pandemic, students would enjoy learning from their own space and not having to get out of bed. However, as time passed, it was clear that remote learning was not on their side. Although social distance learning sounds like a breeze, many at CSI found it to be extremely challenging.

Students rely on their professors to keep them in the loop with deadlines and understanding assignments. But with online classes and asynchronous learning, that’s not always the case. Due to this, remote learning has set some students back, causing them to jeopardize their GPAs.

Virtual learning affected has affected CSI students and faculty. Transitioning from in-person to online is not as simple as it sounds; professors need time to adjust their curriculum to online learning. Remote learning has shown to be a difficulty for all.

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