Humans of CSI

Online Classes Leave Students Lives In Shambles

Students remain on standby as CSI prolongs announcement of in-person classes.

By: Victoria Dario

Random windows that fill the screens of CSI students, when will the chaos end? Photo Credit: Victoria Dario

After spending eight hours in my dark and empty bedroom, the only faces that I have seen for the day have been through a computer screen.

“It’s terrible that students have to be isolated from their peers,” said Michele Dario. “Socializing has become a thing of the past.”

For the 13,000 students who attend CSI, the past year has been filled with more work and no socialization, putting stress on them mentally and physically.

While being in a virtual lesson, students can fall into technical difficulties and become lost while learning, making it hard to catch up.

During this time, students do not get to experience connections with their professors or peers, resulting in a lack of motivation for most.

With in-person learning, you could ask the person next to you to help you catch up but online everyone is a stranger to each other. Online learning does not leave much room for students to meet one another as we would with a conversation between classes.

We are not able to build these same relationships that can help us make connections when we move into the real world.
Spending the last year online, every day that we have long classes proves to be strenuous on our bodies, especially our eyes.

Being home, we do not have the same physical activity that we would get from walking from class to class. 
Students are eager to get back to a normal routine which does not involve sitting at a computer screen for hours on end.

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