Politico and Newsmax Reported Opposing Views On VP Kamala Harris’ Approach On Gun Laws

The two news networks displayed their political views on the second amendment when they reported on the Vice President’s plans for gun safety.

By: Edden Magori

Harris stated during her CNN town hall that she would take executive action on gun safety if Congress failed to do so. Photo Credit: kabc.com

During her town hall event, VP Kamala Harris announced that she will use executive action to enact gun legislation such as universal background checks, Politico reported in support of Kamala while Newsmax used tweets from gun supporters to represent the opposing view.

“Biden Chooses 2nd Amendment-Hating @KamalaHarris as his VP,” the National Rifle Association tweeted. “Her plan was to ignore democratic processes and enact gun control by executive order. Biden & Harris will dismantle the 2nd Amendment.”

On the other hand, Politico presented Harris’ background on her political contribution towards gun reform as well as some of Harris’ biggest moments early in her 2020 campaign, including the emotional statements she made in January, in a town hall event on CNN, in which she discussed the Sandy Hook elementary school shooting in which 20 children were killed in 2012.

“I think somebody should have required all those members of Congress to go in a room, in a locked room, no press, no one, nobody else, and look at the autopsy photographs of those babies,” Harris said at the time. “And then you can vote your conscience. This has become a political issue.”

Both news networks provided specific information on Harris’ plans for gun control, however, while Politico was unbiased in their report, specifically stating each one of her new reform plans, such as reversing the Trump administration’s change to the definition of “fugitive from justice”, Newsmax provided the same information with an objective stance, stating that Harris and Biden “mischaracterized” assault weapons as “weapons of war”.

Politico’s article was much longer and provided more depth on Harris’ political career on the matter of guns, while Newsmax had less information on Harris’s plans, they provided a wider variety of quotes than, including one from Harris herself.

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