Stark Contrast in Politico and Newsmax’s Approach to Reporting on Kamala Harris

While Newsmax used the coronavirus to talk about Kamala Harris, Politico used Kamala Harris to talk about coronavirus.

By: Gregory Rupelli

Vice President Kamala Harris, publicly received her Covid-19 vaccine on December 28, 2020, using the opportunity to allay persistent fear of the vaccine in African American communities. Photo Credit: politico.com

Newsmax critiqued Kamala Harris’ lack of trust for former President Donald Trump’s vaccination efforts, “Operation Warp Speed,” while Politico reported the details of her vaccination and the necessity behind it.

“It was the height of scientific illiteracy and political demagoguery when vice-presidential candidate Kamala Harris, ferociously denounced President Trump’s unprecedented Operation Warp Speed,” former school teacher Mark Schulte wrote for Newsmax. “At the end of December 2020, the consummate hypocrite, Kamala Harris, received the first dose of the Moderna vaccine, and nearly a month later, she was injected with the second.”

Politico gave the same information but emphasized where Harris received the shot and why.

“Harris took the shot at United Medical Center in Southeast D.C., an area of the nation’s capital that is home to a large proportion of the city’s African American residents.” Politico quoted Kamala saying, “I want to remind people that they have trusted sources of health [care], and that’s where they will be able to go to get the vaccine.”

Politico provided a one-minute video of Kamala being vaccinated and speaking about her experience. “I trust the scientists, and it is the scientists who created and approved this vaccine, so I urge everyone, get vaccinated.”

Newsmax referred to Kamala’s statement as hypocrisy, calling it a “diametrically opposite tune she and other leading Democrats were demagogically screaming during the presidential campaign.”

Politico did not judge Kamala’s statements, instead, they elaborated on them, informing its readers that members of Congress whose functions were considered ‘critical’ were given vaccines to ‘ensure continuity of the federal government.’

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