“All American” Season 3 has Brought More Conflicts for Spencer James and Company

First Eight Episodes of Season 3 Have Fans Excited for the Remaining Episodes (Spoilers!) 

By: Emmanuel Mendez

All American Season 3

“All American” seasons 1 and 2 are available on Netflix while season 3 is on the CW app. Credit:

The Netflix and CW series, “All American,” has returned with season 3 showcasing episodes since January 18, 2021. The series that began in 2018 has brought many fans to watch the show, which led to CW’s decision to renew the show for a fourth season. 

“All American” takes place in Crenshaw and Beverly Hills, California. Spencer James was a student at South Crenshaw High School and is a star wide receiver football player. Beverly Hills Coach, Billy Baker, recruits him to his team at Beverly Hills High School and moves Spencer into his home along with his own children Olivia Baker and quarterback Jordan Baker. 

The first two seasons show how Spencer deals with many problems regarding his football problems and his social problems. Spencer constantly helped his best friend Coop back in Crenshaw with gang violence while also helping his new team to win the state championship. 

Spencer dating Layla in season 1 led to problems with his teammate Asher Adams. Olivia had a huge crush on Spencer when he first arrived at Beverly and left many fans disappointed that there was no romance there, as it appeared. Olivia and Spencer’s friendship was still very strong, and they truly cared about each other. Olivia ended up with Asher after he was suffering from depression of his own, with family and football problems. 

Layla and Spencer would break up after depression hit her pretty bad that led to her breaking down. The gang violence in Crenshaw was getting worse after many problems with Tyrone. It led to Spencer getting shot and injuring his right shoulder.

Spencer announces to a school board meeting that he will return to South Crenshaw after possible plans to convert the school into a magnet school. This is all Spencer had to go through in the first two seasons, but more stress follows him in the new season

Season 3 Spoilers

Season 3 begins after the summer break and it leads to Spencer and his friend’s senior year. Spencer is back at Crenshaw with Billy Baker as his coach once again. Jordan and his Beverly teammates have a new coach, Coach Montez. There is a mystery going on between Olivia and Spencer after a “weird summer” between them. 

Crenshaw High has a tough start with players and recruitment after the new principal requires students to get high GPAs to play in the football team. Spencer is getting stressed over the team and his relationships with friends. Many suspect it is about Layla, Spencer`s ex because they broke up in season 2 since Layla’s breakdown.

Spencer decides to talk to a sports therapist and the therapist concludes the stress is what causes his shoulder pain to continue. He also concludes that Coop is what makes Spencer stressed and finally admits that Coop is the reason for him getting shot in season 2. Spencer confronts Coop about this which offends her and in her eyes is ruining their friendship. Regarding the friendships, Spencer wants to believe he is still in love with Layla, but the therapists suggest that Spencer is in love with Olivia after Spencer describes how she is to him.

Spencer goes to the family cabin where his father died, and his friends follow him to cheer him up. Little did he know, this would lead to more confrontation after secrets spill out. There was a Las Vegas trip many avoid talking about, but it is revealed that Olivia was there, and Layla didn’t know. 

Olivia and Asher break up after Asher finds out that Olivia spotted him in Mexico with Vanessa, the new girl in Beverly hills and daughter of Coach Montez. Layla is suspicious of Spencer and Olivia’s close relationship and wants to know what happened in Las Vegas. 

It is revealed that Jordan married Simone in a private wedding and the biggest secret of all, Spencer admitting he loves Olivia. Spencer felt awkward in Vegas because he didn’t know what to say to Layla after she invited him and his friend to Vegas. Spencer invited Olivia secretly so he can spend time with her since they spent time with each other back at Beverly Hills. Spencer admitted to Olivia that he loves her and kisses her, but Olivia walks off and says this can’t happen. 

After the secret was revealed, Layla is upset with Spencer and Olivia and wants nothing to do with them. Jordan encourages Olivia to do what she wants to do regardless if it’s an unpopular decision. Coop continues to ignore Spencer and it upsets him because Coop also wants to quit school in order to stop seeing him. At the end of episode 8, Olivia drives Spencer home and admits that she also loves Spencer since the moment she laid eyes on him.

Starstruck after both are sharing this romantic moment many fans wanted to see, Olivia crashes her car after not looking at the road. Olivia begs Spencer to switch seats because she won’t pass the drug test. This cliffhanger has many fans excited for the remaining episodes of season 3 after the “All American” crew is taking a hiatus and will return with new episodes starting April 19th.

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