The Backlash Given to Biden’s $1.9 Trillion Worth of Stimulus Checks

President Biden Faces Harsh Criticism Over New Stimulus Plan

By: Huma Ahmad

OF Issue 12 Politics

President Biden tries to pass a new stimulus plan that will have people gaining $1,400. Credit: foxbusiness.com

From the first day of President Joe Biden’s election, there was a set plan on successfully aiding the country through the difficult unprecedented times of the pandemic. His administration focused on improving the country’s economy and society in many ways.

The Biden administration has focused on the particular plan of the $1.9 trillion relief plan. This relief plan specifically focuses on helping the economy as a whole and the people that are in need of it most. 

Through this enormous stimulus plan, there will be many benefits that are going to be dispensed for everyone.

Biden’s plan of the relief checks costs immense amounts of money, which is one of the most that the government has ever spent to support a financial crisis throughout history. 

During President Trump’s presidential office, Congress passed the $900 billion relief program in the December of 2020. 

In the financial crisis of 2009, congress had approved about $800 billion to sustain America’s economy once again through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009. 

The proposal of the plan is to administer $1,400 to every person; nonetheless, Biden is pushing to elongate the due date to which an additional unemployment insurance supplement of $400 a week will expire. 

The unemployment insurance supplement of $400 a week is set to end mid-March of 2021, however, Biden believes that it is important and essential for it to last by the end of September just in case the unemployed are unable to find work within that time frame. 

Biden and his administration also have continued to push along the ways of striving to reopen schools by financially supporting them. 

For the first 100 days of Biden being in office, many public schools from grades kindergarten to eighth grade have reopened in-class learning and have taken strict safety precautions during the process of it. 

The administration finds it a crucial key point in spending approximately $170 billion for schools, in which $130 billion will be of use to reopening. 

On the other hand, the rest of the money will be given to colleges and universities to safely transfer to in-person learning and other issues that are related to education that are being affected by the pandemic. 

Within the $1.9 trillion relief plan, $440 billion will be given to the communities all around the United States. In addition, $350 will be given to the state, local, and territorial governments just in case of any emergencies that are needed to be dealt with some time in the future. 

Small businesses are one of the main priorities that the plan is being focused on. Small businesses will receive billions of grants and loan programs in order for them to be sustained in times in which they are needed most. 

Furthermore, the democratic party continues to strive to increase the minimum wage to follow with the rise of costs that has been increasing throughout the years. 

Public health matters tremendously towards Biden’s administration. They continue to emphasize the significance of public health by proposing $160 billion to fund for the vaccination program.

 On top of that, $20 billion is going to be invested for future testing and research in the national vaccination program. 

Through such tumultuous  times, Biden understands that there are parents that are in need of financial help as well. 

The new relief plan has an expanded child tax credit in which each set of families that make less than $125,000 a year will receive up to $3,600 for every child that is under the age of 6 and $3,000 per child from ages 6 to 13. 

The stimulus plan that has been mostly approved by the senate, is a crucial point of the history of the United States. 

However, many people are skeptical about such a sizable committed plan. There is the fear of the economy never foreseeing to be improved as to how it used to be before the pandemic. 

Additionally, people are worried if the stimulus plan is actually going to turn out to be reputable or destructive causing the people to become lazier as unemployment continues to strike up. 

With the future continuing to be unknown and the virus still ongoing while the distribution of vaccines are increasing, society still ponders on the fact that if the relief plan will help the people and the economy to a great extent, or will it continue to be a never-ending hell and suffering.

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