Time management before vs. during COVID

How different students manage their time before vs. during COVID

By: Carlos Glick

Time Management

Students struggle finding time to do things they love to do. Credit: thetorchjfk

Time management during the pandemic is different now than it was before the pandemic. Some students find it easier to manage time when classes were in person while other students find it harder. The same goes with classes being online, some students find it easier, others find it harder. 

I have interviewed a couple of students regarding their thoughts on this topic and how they are dealing with it. I have some thoughts on this topic as well and will be giving my views on it.

Liana Ventura, who is a Junior, and is a Psychology major, has this to say regarding the topic. “Before the pandemic, I managed my time by separating my school life, work-life and personal life through days and not hours” 

“After the pandemic, I manage everything by journaling and keeping a to-do list on my dresser of everything I have planned for this week academically, etc.”

“When school was in session, the workload was far more manageable than what it is now, considering I’m a visual learner who likes to see examples and hear the teacher go over the material until their students see eye to eye.” 

“Online schooling is different because we are not as connected as students would typically be in a classroom setting. Most people don’t want to speak up and ask questions they usually would via in person, leaving an open space for misunderstandings.”

“Since the lack of communication, teachers don’t explain the material thoroughly. As students, we now bring ourselves to a tutor, teach ourselves the lessons, or ask our professor through emails to further explain the lecture.”  

“I see the pros of taking a class anywhere globally, but the lack of physical human contact is saddening. Time management is crucial during these times. One thing I would suggest is the acknowledgment that doing everything in one shot is humanly impossible.”

“Take each day step by step and sort out a list of what you can handle in one week. Accomplish this list one by one without the idea of perfectionism. You are human, and you are allowed to take breaks and allowed to make mistakes. The error is letting the inevitable consume you.” 

Another student, Matt Sirico, who will be graduating after this semester with a degree in Media Studies major and a Cinema Studies minor has this to say on the topic. 

“I’m a lot more organized now. I use the calendar on my laptop and put in due dates of all my work and I put in dates of when I’m available so I can do my work.”

“The workload is a lot more compared to an in-person class. Every day, there’s something I always have to get done.”

As for me, time management wise, I do feel like I have more time but at the same time I don’t have enough time or the time I do have, I feel like I waste a lot of it playing video games (which I rarely do) or watching tv (which I most of the time do).

I always think to myself during these times of moments “Oh, I have plenty of time. I’ll get it done later.” until I realize to myself that the assignment I put off is due tomorrow and that I procrastinate things and put them off to the very last minute.  

Time management during the pandemic can be very stressful at times, but if you organize your time and create a schedule for yourself, you will succeed.

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