More Than Just a Yoga Journey

Yoga with Adriene: Helping you to “Find What Feels Good”

By: Monica Ahuja

Monica Ahuja, Issue 13 Lifestyle Photo

Adriene Mishler doing her yoga routine. Credit:

In 2012, Adriene Mishler, an actress and yoga teacher, began her online yoga journey, with Yoga with Adriene. Since then, Yoga with Adriene has become a global phenomenon, connecting millions around the globe. 

Last March, when the world shut down due to the COVID-19 pandemic, millions more found solace in the sight and sounds of Adriene Mishler and her dog, Benji. 

Adriene Mishler has developed a loyal and connected community through kindness and with the intention of providing free, high-quality yoga. And with this high-quality yoga, she has brought what many need to bring themselves to the mat, and that is compassion and understanding. 

In other words, there is no judgement. 

The motto of the community is one that speaks volumes, “Find What Feels Good.” Adriene’s understanding that each individual is unique and has different limitations, as well as her inclusivity for different bodies, is what allows her followers to return regularly to join her in a yoga practice. 

She provides modifications and alternatives so that everyone can “Find What Feels Good.”

Adriene reminds the viewer that the hardest part about doing yoga is coming to the mat and finding time to care for oneself, and that by starting the yoga video they have completed the most difficult aspect of the practice. This allows the viewer to remain motivated and feel a sense of achievement before they even begin the practice.

In addition to the free yoga videos that vary in purpose from, “Yoga for Writers” to yoga for different forms of pain to “Wind Down Yoga – 12 Minute Bedtime Yoga,” Yoga with Adriene provides free meditation practices and a monthly calendar with a set intention so one can try to maintain a guided yoga routine and live their day-to-day life with intent. 

 One can also sign up for a free “Love Letter” and receive it in their (e-mail) mailbox from Adriene every Sunday to begin the week with inspiration. And, for those that need community and want to connect with others; Adriene and her team have also created a community for all to join (for free) called the FWFG (Find What Feels Good) Kula. 

To continue to produce the free high-quality yoga content without sponsors, Adriene and her team also have a membership subscription, in which those that can afford it, receive additional content to what is available on YouTube or her site.

 Although the channel had previously participated in sponsorship, Adriene and her business partner, Chris Sharpe, determined that their relationship with their audience was too valuable to sully with promotions; after all their primary messages include love and empathy; the inclusion of promotions within their videos would hurt their message.

Overall, the Yoga with Adriene community has grown and expanded throughout the years because Adriene has found a way to cater to so many through love and kindness. She teaches self-love and reminds the individual of their capacity to demonstrate empathy and compassion towards themselves and others. 

And as she breaks out into song and laughs at her missteps, she reminds us that we are all human and that we should enjoy all our triumphs as well as our mistakes. Simultaneously, Adriene manages to approach one’s painful emotions with care and consideration; and she reminds us to do the same. 

In the comments of Adriene’s videos and in the Kula, one will find the positivity, love, gratitude, and tenderness that is expressed by Adriene, reflected in the thoughts and words of her audience. 

Additionally, as one practices along with Adriene, one will notice that Benji will walk in and out of the frame; sometimes he lies down to take a nap on or near Adriene’s mat as she guides you through a yoga practice. 

As he sighs loudly, one cannot help but laugh because not only is Benji adorable, Benji also reminds us that life is messy and not everything goes according to plan, so, have a little fun during your yoga practice. 

Long before the pandemic, Adriene and her team provided many individuals the opportunity to give themselves the self-love they truly deserve. Now during the pandemic, this opportunity has become even more significant as many persons struggle to find time for themselves or engage in self-care. 

Thus, as we search for hope and human connection amid this pandemic, give yourself the gift of love, self-love, and meet the rest of the Yoga with Adriene community on the mat. And if yoga is not for you, “Find What Feels Good” and remember to take care of yourself during this difficult time.

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