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It’s Going To Be A Hot Girl Summer…Single Or Not

Raise your drink if you’re participating in the summer 2021 antics!

By: Katie Kallahan


Hot girl summer starter pack includes being vaccinated, having a mask in your pocket, and staying out all night with friends. Credit: Vicki is Sigh on (

It will be an unapologetic summer which will include where women are planning to wear, go, and do whatever they want, with whomever they choose. 

All over the internet, girls have been posting about participating in “hot girl summer.” The trend began with the song Hot Girl Summer by Megan Thee Stallion, and quickly turned into a social media movement for women feeling confident and doing what they want. 

On TikTok, some girls have been sharing their plans for hot girl summer! They’ve come up with games and DIY activities for the all-summer event. 

If you’re single or in a relationship, girls have been sharing the many ways that anyone could take part in this. It’ll also be a SHot girl summer if you’re vaccinated and ready for a post-pandemic party. 

For the single girls during hot girl summer, TikTok users have shared suggestions and created a game with a point system that follows: 

+5 makeout -10 puking 

+3 asking for someone’s snapchat -50 getting a boyfriend

+10 give/get a hickey -10 crying over a guy 

+20 blowjob -30 ditching a friend 

+10 handjob -50 hooking up with an ex 

+20 recieving head -10 going on a date 

+30 skinny dipping -5 drunk texting an ex

+50 sex -10 if you send nudes

+5 blackout -30 for getting in a fight 

+5 getting high -15 simping

+5 dyeing hair -25 morning after pill

+17 kissing 2+ people in 1 night -50 kissing someone elses man

+10 get a piercing -30 staying over a boys house

+20 jump into a pool fully clothed -35 if they don’t pull out

And there’s way more on TikTok under the hashtag #hotgirlsummer. You and your friends could create a chart to keep track of each other’s progress! Some girls are even coming up with prizes for the winner within their friend group. 

You can create your own rules and get creative with what gets you points or makes you lose points. On TikTok, @daddyissues2.1 made a google document you can download for inspiration on the game with rules and consequences if you wait to use theirs or create your own. 

For all the girls in a relationship, you haven’t been forgotten and there are still ways you can have fun this summer. On TikTok, @smokeseshshawty has created a “Hot Girl Summer Alternative” that has gone viral and also goes by the name of the “sundress challenge.” 

Screen Shot 2021-05-24 at 11.36.56 PM

The formal definition of Hot Girl Summer. Credit: Urban Dictionary

“So the game is, how many places can I fuck my boyfriend in a sundress,” says game creator Hannah. “It’s my favorite game, you just pull that shit to the side, it works perfectly.” 

Another activity many girls have been sharing is the BRAcelet, where you take a bra strap off a bra you don’t really wear and make it into a bracelet for your boo to wear. There are a multitude of DIY videos on how to make the bracelet and hacks for how to save money if you don’t want to cut up your bra.

“I don’t care how much I love the man, I’m not cutting my favorite bra, unless he wants to give me 75 dollars for a new one,” said TikToker Renee Danielle. “Buy the bra strap online, you get to keep the size tag then they get to wear 34DD on their wrist.” 

Hot girl summer is a mindset that is empowering women to do what they want, and normalize it until it’s hot girl always. So grab your sunscreen and have a free-spirited fun summer, ladies!

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