Meet The Banner Pets

Our furry friends through thick and thin

By: Sabrina Benet and The Banner Staff

Meet Kylie’s Dog Bentley:


Credit: Kylie Hapuarachchi

You can call me Bentley or Benny! I am a one-year-old Jack Russell Terrier and I am crazy. My favorite things to do are to make noise and pull on my owner’s pants. I love all types of foods and will try to eat absolutely anything even if it is not edible. However, as insane as I can be, I love to cuddle and give my owners hundreds of kisses! My favorite pastime activity is to go to the dog park and meet new friends.

Meet Angie’s Dog Buddy:


Credit: Angie Salvador

Hi, my name is Buddy! I love everything and everyone from other dogs to humans. I am a 6-year old Golden Lab and Pharoh Hound mix. I love food, playing, going on walks (and even to the dog park), and sleeping. Oh and I bark… a lot, especially at squirrels in my backyard. My owner says I am the friendliest, funniest pup and that I am just so loveable! 

Meet Katie’s Cat Loki: 


Credit: Katie Kallahan

My name is Loki and I am a crazy two-year-old. My owner named me Loki because she was originally told I was a boy, but after finding out I was a girl at my first vet visit, the name stuck! When I am not napping or running around the house, I like to redecorate at home by knocking things off tables and onto the floor. My favorite toy is my tunnel toy because I love running in it and bolting out to attack whoever is sitting on the outside! If you walk past, your legs are fair game for attacks.  

Meet Carlos’s Cat Ginger:


Credit: Carlos Glick

Hi! My name is Ginger and I am a year and a half-year-old tabby cat. I love my owner, Carlos who treats me with respect. Some of my favorite things to do are whenever I see my owner throw a ball, I like to run and chase after it. Another thing I like is resting. I love to sleep. I like it when my owner pets me and sometimes picks me up. I also like to sleep and cuddle with him at night. Overall, I love people! They are so nice to me. I am a people person meaning depending on the person, I would sometimes like to go up to them and let them pet me. 

Meet Samantha’s Dog Rocky:


Credit: Samantha Bravo

Hey there my name is Rocky! I am a three-year-old Shi Tzu that was adopted from Bow Wow Babies in Long Island after my family’s last pup passed away. I am very playful and I love meeting new dogs and people. My favorite activities are taking long walks and chewing on my bully bone. I love sitting on the sofa and watching TV with my humans. I love getting my toothbrush and even have a Toy Story one! My favorite toy is my stuffed hedgehog and Starbucks cup. I have an extensive palate and love to eat everything. Oh! And I hate having my fur long so I get trimmed regularly. 

Meet Monica’s Dog Charlie:


Credit: Monica Ahuja

Hello, my name is Charlie. I am six years old. I am very fluffy and cute. I love to go on walks and play in the snow. I enjoy a variety of treats and I like to alternate them so that I don’t get bored. But my favorite treats of all time are vegetables. I love my veggies, especially crunchy foods. I love my family and I love other people too; I just need some time to get to know them. I have a multitude of toys but my favorite are the ones that are bigger than mine. My most favorite toy is the large green tennis ball that I can chase around and bark at; it’s so much fun I want to play it with it all day. I’m going to go do that now. Woof!  

Meet Sabrina’s Dog Sunny:


Credit: Sabrina Benet

My name is Sunny Day and I am a nine-year-old Maltipoo. I am from Brooklyn and have lived in Staten Island and Florida too! My favorite toy is a water bottle, which I know isn’t really a toy but I just can’t help myself, sometimes I even bark at my humans to drink faster so I can play. I am not a big foodie but I am a big snuggler and love a good belly rub at the end of the day. The best part of my day is going for walks, I love smelling trees and seeing other dogs, but sometimes I get pulled away by my new roommate Ruby.

Meet Sabrina’s Dog Ruby:


Credit: Sabrina Benet

My name is Ruby and I am a two-year old Boston Terrier! My family adopted me from Ohio a few months ago and I absolutely love it here! I love my family so much, especially Sabrina since she lets me bunk with her at night (her bed is SO comfortable and she shares her pillow with me too!). I don’t really have a favorite toy but I love playing with my roommate Sunny, although sometimes I am too fast for him. My favorite food is everything! But if I had to pick one I think it would be steak, or maybe salmon.

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