CSI Campus is Opened for Fall 2021 Semester

A closer look at the Presidents welcome back message and students’ thoughts returning to class.

By: Carlos Glick

A bird’s eye view of the CSI Willowbrook campus. Photo credit:

The College of Staten Island campus (both Willowbrook and St. George) is now officially opened! With almost a year and a half of being on lockdown due to the pandemic, I, like many others are happy to be back on campus.

On August 11, 2021, President William J Fritz sent out a “Welcome Back” email along with a link to a Welcome Back video on Youtube entitled “CSI: We are Ready.”  In the email Fritz states “As we get set for the Fall semester with more in-person and hybrid classes, we are reminded of all that we’ve missed being apart for so long, and all that we now have to look forward to.”

Fritz concludes his email by saying, “I hope you are as excited as I am to welcome in a new semester at the College of Staten Island and a return to our great campus!  I am looking forward to seeing you all very soon.”

In the “CSI: We are Ready” video, President Fritz starts out by saying “Despite our incredible efforts of our students, faculty, and staff along our remote environment, there was still plenty we missed by not being together. I especially miss seeing all of our students during our commencement week activities but am so grateful that we could at least have some students celebrate on campus during our six graduation walks.”

Fritz continues to say “I also miss making waffles on my grandmother’s antique waffle iron for new students moving into Dolphin Cove.”

At the end of the video, Fritz concludes in his email by saying “CSI, better days are ahead, we are returning to campus. With our beautiful grounds, vibrant discussions in our classrooms and fellowship in our halls, we look forward to welcoming you back to the College of Staten Island, to live, to learn, to experience and to make memories we’ll carry forever. We are ready, see you in the Fall.”

I had the opportunity to interview a couple of students and to get their thoughts and opinions on returning to campus and thoughts about going into the semester and here’s what they had to say.

Kassidy Dixon, a Senior here at CSI says, “I definitely miss socializing on campus, but I still try to make study buddies via Zoom. I also miss the hands on experience I get while learning. Overall, I feel like everyone is doing their best at making each semester a successful one through this new ‘normal.’” 

Another student, Christopher Leon, who’s also a Senior here at CSI says, “To me, going back to campus is really important since these classes are being paid for and work is done well in person and interactions with other peers helps us benefit for what we are studying on.”

I, myself have to agree with Christopher. Going to class in person helps you gain countless life experiences. Plus, it helps your mind in many ways and you aren’t staring at your computer for multiple hours a day.

As well, in my experience, in taking in person classes versus in taking online classes, I feel like you learn more in person versus online. I also have missed the campus grounds which are surrounded by nature.

Reiterating to what President Fritz had said, if you want to live, to learn, to experience and to make memories that’ll carry forever, get vaccinated. It will speed up the process of ending the pandemic and get our lives back to normal.

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