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Take Carrie to the Prom

Unless you don’t want increased pleasure during orgasms, then you could practice celibacy during your shark week, but it’s highly unrecommended. 

By Katie Kallahan

She’s going to have a hard time getting that stain out. Credit: The Take

Period sex is not only fun like regular sex, but it’s also much more beneficial. Don’t like period cramps? 

Have period sex. 

Orgasming releases endorphins in your body that relieves period cramps. When you have a cramp, that is your body’s muscles contracting to  release its uterine lining, the same happens when you orgasm. When this happens, your body is speeding up the process of shedding the uterine lining, which means your period may be shorter. 

Less bleeding when Aunt Flo is in town sounds amazing to me, the quicker she leaves the better. 

A common misconception among many women is that you cannot get pregnant during your period. 


Sperm could live from 2-5 days, so depending on your ovulation cycle, you could get pregnant. Birth control is very important if you don’t plan on conceiving anytime soon. 

If you have a long-acting reversible contraceptive (LARC), like an IUD or implant, those are up to 99% effective, but either way, always use a condom for extra protection.  

A concern that many women have during their periods is that period sex is messy. Yes, obviously it will be messy. 

Just throw a towel down on the bed and maybe skip the white bed sheets. First of all, period blood is not dirty or disgusting, it is a natural bodily function in many people. 

It’s 2021 and we are normalizing period blood in general. Period blood can also act as a natural lubricant which may make things less painful for you during this time. 

If you’re still skeptical about having sex during your period, just try it at least once anyways. What could happen? 

You might really like it, and if you don’t at least you could say you’ve tried it once. Talk it through with your partner if that would make you more comfortable. 

No glove, no love. Credit:*

Most women have said the men they’ve had period sex with it turned out to be fine with it. 

For minimal mess, try not to switch positions so much. Missionary will be your best friend for this. If you get on top, I don’t think I have to explain how gravity works, but needless to say, it will look like a crime scene. 

Another viable option is shower sex. It kills two birds with one stone, you can have your period sex and get clean simultaneously. Just be careful with this one, because soap, water, period blood, and aerobics could get very dangerous. 

Alright, so you’ve had period sex. Either you put a towel down or you were feeling especially risky and didn’t. Either way, you got period blood on your towel, sheets, blanket, or anything else you may have been laying on. 

Pro tip: if it’s freshly stained, rinse it with cold water right away and it should all come out. If the stain has been sitting there for a while, put some hydrogen peroxide on it and let it sit, then dab; don’t rub out the stain and throw it in the washer. 

“When you have your period, your hormones are in overdrive,” says Emily Morse, a professional sex therapist. “Which means you might find it even easier to orgasm from touch or penetration.”

If you’re going to have period sex, have you and your partner focus a little more time into the foreplay. Having your partner lightly teasing and using anticipation on you while your hormones are going crazy can make your orgasms much more intense, which is the goal here. 

Penetration should be the last thing to happen. Your man may be excited too, but having self-control is going to be really important. It’ll be that much more pleasurable for the both of you. 

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