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Six of Your Favorite Sex Positions, But Make it Spooky

It’s October, which means Halloween sex all month.

By: Katie Kallahan

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Photo caption: Have your Halloween spooky dates end in spooky sex.

Once you and your boo are done peeling off each other’s costumes you’re going to need something to do… Now wether you’re leaving the Scream ghost mask on or not, here are some spooky sex positions.  

  1. The Ghost Rider

If you’ve gone as cowboys this year, I think this one is a little self explanatory, only it’s not called reverse cowgirl anymore. You or your partner will lie on your back while the other will get on top and straddle them. Face your partner or turn around for a reverse ghost rider. This is the perfect position to keep that scream mask on and get Hallo-freaky. 

  1.  Scarecrow

Stand on one foot and face your partner, wrap your elevated leg around your partner for support. Your partner could lean up against a wall if you need additional support for this. The scarecrow sings about “if I only had a brain,” well you’re about to lose your mind. 

  1. Cujo 

One of you will be on all fours while the other will be kneeled behind you. Alternatively, whoever is on the bed on all fours could angle themselves so that your partner could pull you to the edge of the bed and they could be standing behind you. While your partner is behind you doing their best work, they could reach over and massage your clit with their hand, or you could do this part yourself. 

  1. Trick or Treat 

Either you or your partner will be lying on their back while the other is on top of them the opposite way. Halloween is all about stuffing your face with candy, so do just that. Happy trick-oral-treating! 

  1. Vampire’s coffin

Get your blood pumping for your vampire boyfriend with this one. Go from missionary position to raising your legs in the air. It’ll make a V shape and your partner could grab onto your ankles and go crazy.  

  1. Lazy witch 

Sometimes a witch gets tired and has to hang up the broomstick. No worries though, she’s got another one… Have your man seated and sit in his lap, facing him. Then get to riding that broomstick.

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