The Gypsy King Prevails!

Tyson Fury knocks out Deontay Wilder to remain undefeated WBC heavyweight champion.

By: Emmanuel Mendez

Photo Caption: Deontay Wilder knocked out by Tyson Fury in Round 11.
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On October 9th, 2021, Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder squared off once again to complete their trilogy fight. The first fight between these two giants ended in a draw. 

The second fight was a win for Fury and now this third fight was once again a victory for the British boxer. 

The past two fights were glimpses of the final bout because Fury was the more dominant fighter in the ring. His amazing head movements to avoid punches and his quick punching power is what allows him to get an edge on Wilder. 

Fury got knocked down by Wilder though in the past, so it was a calculated fight for both competitors. 

The powerful power punch Wilder acquires is what Fury had to worry about, and it was a big threat for Fury as he still couldn’t avoid getting hit with one of those. Fury was winning by points throughout the rounds which would have given him the win regardless. 

Round one started quickly and Wilder was threatening Fury with jabs. Fury had none of that and responded with a few hooks. 

Fury caught Wilder with a right of his own but Wilder kept getting close to hitting Fury. 

In a very close first round, Fury was in a comfortable position, hitting more power punches and landing more punches in the second round as well. 

Wilder and Fury caught each other with more right hands but Fury was easily winning the fight because of the number of punches he did land. 

Round 3 witnessed a knockdown scored by Fury as Wilder went down in the final thirty seconds. Wilder seemed already tired meanwhile Fury put on the pressure which led to a knockdown. 

Fury wanted to end it early, but Wilder was saved by the bell.  Fury easily won the third round with a 10-8 score. 

Fury was going for a knockout and tried to pressure Wilder but that cost him. The lack of concentration from Fury meant his defense would weaken and Wilder capitalized. 

Wilder scored a knockdown in the final minute of Round 4. Fury would eventually get up but around 20 seconds later, Wilder would knock Fury down again. 

Wilder scored two knockdowns in one round. Wilder won Round 4 and the fight was getting even again. 

The previous round was very good for Wilder, and he continued to land more power punches in Round 5. Wilder was still in the fight, but Fury kept scoring with those body shots on Wilder. Wilder surprised Fury with those nasty right hands and caught the British man a few times. 

In Round 6, Fury`s condition was noticeably much better than Wilder’s. Fury landed way more punches than Wilder which kept giving him points. This was the start of the end for Wilder. 

Round 7 almost witnessed another knockdown for Fury on Wilder, but he stood tall.

Round 8, Fury used jabs and hooks to punish Wilder more. The knockdown and even the knockout was very possible during Round 8 and 9. 

Fury`s jabs were too difficult to stop which only gave more points for Fury. Wilder looked wobbled with the shots the Gypsy King gave him.

Fury scored his third knockdown of the night in round 10 with another right hook that surprised Wilder. The fight was near its end because Wilder was tired and wobbled. 

Wilder would respond in round 10 with a few power punches of his own.

In Round 11, Fury and Wilder were by the ropes and Fury kept putting the pressure on Wilder. The knockout finally came when Fury landed an uppercut followed by a right hook to get a KO to win. 

150 punches were landed by Fury against 72 punches by Wilder. Many power punches were thrown, Fury with 114 and Wilder with 63. 

This must be one of the greatest heavyweight fights boxing has ever seen, what a trilogy!

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