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The Ultimate Sex Bucket List

Here’s the bucket list you didn’t even know you needed.

By: Katie Kallahan

Photo caption: Don’t be like the couple in the photo, close the curtain. 
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  1. Go to a nude beach 

Starting off strong, this one is not for you if you tend to be a little prudish. You and your boo can have a beach day and get some vitamin D and then go back home and you man can give you his vitamin D. 

  1. Film yourself having sex 

Channel your inner Kim K and get down and dirty with your partner. Make sure all participants are consenting to this of course, and you two can discuss what to do with your new home movie after the fun. 

  1. Film yourself masturbating 

Don’t have a partner to play with? That’s fine, you can still have fun and go solo. Maybe if you’re feeling exceptionally frisky, you could exchange videos with your boo. 

  1. Pool table sex

We’ve all seen the movies, girl likes guy, they go play pool in a dark bar and then it starts to get hot and heavy after he shows her how to play. If you’ve never said to yourself that you want to experience this, you’re lying….or if you don’t want to do it, do it anyways for the bucket list’s sake. 

  1. Sweet sex

Go to your refrigerator, grab the whipped cream and bring it back to the bedroom. Whipped cream, chocolate sauce, honey…anything you wanna lick off your partner. Honey sounds like a sticky mess, but if you take a little in your mouth before you go lick the lollipop, it’ll make it all the sweeter. 

  1. Strip poker 

I don’t know how to play poker, so maybe substitute it for strip go-fish. But if you do know how to play, even if you’re losing, you’ll win in the end. 

  1. Wear vibrating panties in public

Go out with your boo wearing your new, functional panties. If you want, you could even let your partner have the remote control for the night. 

  1. Loud sex 

Forget that your neighbors even exist and just let it all out, all the moaning and screaming, really get into it. 

  1. Sex-cation 

You and your boo can go out on a bae-cation anytime, instead of exploring and sightseeing, just stay in all weekend. Book an Airbnb in a state you’ve never been to and just do it all over the house. 

  1. Only oral 

Play with your partner sans-penetration. Make sure you and your partner are practicing good oral hygiene though, and have fun. 

  1. Blind sex

Blindfold your partner or have them blindfold you. Take away one of their five senses while driving the other four crazy. 

  1. Phone sex…but not the way you’re thinking

Still working from home in this pandemic world? Great, have your partner go down on you while you’re on an important call. PHONE call, not a Zoom meeting, please, no one needs any video chat accidents. 

  1. No bed sex 

Have sex anywhere in your house, besides the bed. Sex on the couch, in a chair, on the floor, kitchen counter. Just go for it! Try a new place each day of the week, or just try to hit all the places in one day. 

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