Sex and Relationships

Symbolism of Sex in You

What Made Season 3 of You the Most Intense Season of All Time?

By: Huma Ahmad

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Photo Credit: Will Sex Be Enough to Keep Joe and Love Together?

Sex. A major part of relationships. We see sex as being the beauty of relationships and passionate levels of connection that are vital to affinity love, but it can also become a curse if it is used improperly.  

The Netflix series You shows an immense amount of sex scenes compared to the past two seasons. If you may see, everything becomes related to sex. 

From the times when Joe walks into the library seeing Marianne to Love, convincing herself and Joe that it’s fine for her to have a sexual relationship with her neighbor’s son to ‘scheme’ their way out of the messes, they have done something to the community.  

What the most shocking and unforgettable scene is, is the threesome part of the season. Love asks Sherry and Cary if she can join in one of the threesome appointments that they do regularly, thinking that that major breakthrough will help their relationship stay alive. 

But, it’s not that simple. 

We can see throughout the show that Love doesn’t even know who she is herself. She comes to scenes where she’s continuously stopped by her thoughts and asks herself who this unfamiliar strange murderous soul is. 

That’s also why she wants to have the threesome: to find herself.

At first, the audience gets entrapped full of anger because of how Joe is already sexually attracted to another girl while he’s married to Love, who shares a child with Joe. However, the audience later on sees that Love is the same exact person as Joe when she meets Theo. 

They both have feelings of doubt and guilt, but they still continue to sabotage their marriage because it feels good. Since both of their affairs are only strongly connected by the want and need for sex, we see how their relationship is also only able to survive off of sex. 

And their sex is good! Because they aren’t thinking about each other, it’s only about their other new lover and their pleasurable ways to hide from the reality that is always falling apart.  

Sex also symbolizes why they even started to be together and get married. The scene where Sherry and Cary successfully get locked away in the glass chamber of Love’s bakery is the only scene where their relationship really starts blooming out of sincerity.  

They start having sex for each other out of the happiness that they have once again not been caught by the police for their causal crimes. In this scene, they can’t even wait to get home and plan to have sex. 

It’s just that moment where they have a need to have sex because everything seems right once again even though the main problems of their marriage haven’t been fixed. 

However, it’s still soothing to see that Joe and Love finally have sex because of each other and their minds aren’t wandering off thinking about someone else.  

It seems that we are quite related to Joe and Love in many ways. We walk into therapy or go to our friends thinking that they will help in fixing our problems like how Joe and Love relied on their therapist and friends to help with their relationship. 

The problem isn’t about seeking help, it’s about seeking help without you committing to actions that will fix your problems. That’s why many relationships end because one ends up trying to do anything they can to keep the relationship going while the other significant other has already given up.

We can also see how Love makes a mistake that many married couples do: decide to have another child in hopes that the relationship will be fixed that way. Therefore, you can’t rely on something else to fix your own situations, especially when it comes to relationships. 

What You teaches us that sex is meaningful and it says a lot about relationships. We can also see how Sherry and Cary never even had a good relationship even if they had ventured out of the monogamous relationship. 

They found themselves and their love again out of the hardships of facing their own realities. That is what’s needed in relationships. 

So next time you have sex, be in the moment and rethink why you are doing it.

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