Sex and Relationships

Naughty or Nice?

Ummm… Naughty, it’s more fun.

By: Katie Kallahan

He’s checked the list and he’s checked it twice… you are definitely on the naughty list this year. Well, better make the most of it then with these holiday themed sex positions. 

  1. Gift Unwrapping

Dress up in your cutest Christmas colored lingerie, or get creative and wrap yourself in wrapping paper or tinsel. Tinsel titties? Itchy, but cute and festive. Then let your partner slowly unwrap you as they go lower to get to their gift. 

  1. Snow Angel, With a Twist

Lay on your back, spread out like a snow angel, and let your partner tie you down with some extra Christmas lights that you didn’t put on your tree. Or pick up a spare set of lights from your local Target. Then let your partner do whatever they want with you (with consent of course) until you’re both cumming to town. 

  1. Santa, I’ve Been a Good Girl, Really

Sit on your partner’s lap, facing them and whisper what you want for Christmas this year. Hint: what you want them to do to you for Christmas this year. *Insert winking face here.* As you two discuss this particular topic, your partner can enter you from underneath and you know where it goes from there. 

  1. Santa’s Toy Shop 

Santa’s top toy making elf’s name is Spencer… and he has some gifts. For example, a candy cane colored vibrator. While in missionary, you can place it in between the two of you, right at the sweet spot for added pleasure.Or you and your partner could use this on each other in any way you could think of: get creative!

  1. R-u-d-o-l-p-h 

With your partner laying on their back, get on top and ride that reindeer. If you’ve ever heard of the spelling coconut with your hips-while-riding trick, this is the same thing but more festive. Spell Rudolph while you’re on top of there, in fact, try spelling as many of the names of Santa’s reindeer as you could remember. 

  1. Classic Christmas Tree

You and your partner will be standing for this. Stand on one foot and wrap your other around your partner, just like you would wrap lights around your christmas tree. 

  1. The Snow Globe

Now for this one it has to be snowing. Obviously, that’s what happens in a snow globe. But the difference is, you’ll be in your own life-size snow globe. Have sex by a window, or in the car while its snowing. 

  1. Mrs. Claus Safely Shower

Hopefully you have a non-slip mat in your shower, or you can pick one up if you’re nervous about in shower activity accidents. Anyways, have you or your partner bend over while you stand straight behind them for some shower standing doggy. Your partner could grab your hips while you grab onto something in front of you for support. 

  1. Warm For The Holidays 

You and your boo can wrap yourselves in a big fluffy blanket and get close and cozy. One of you wraps one leg around your partner with the other leg straight in between theirs. Use your wrapped leg to pull your partner closer and deeper while you two kiss and grab each other however you can. 

  1. Santa’s Helper 

You and your partner will get into the cowgirl position, but instead of the person on top doing all the work, the person on the bottom will help out. The person on the bottom can either arch both their legs up to support the person on top while they’re riding, or they could just actually do all the work from the bottom.

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