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Tis’ The Season to Stress Over What to Get Your Partner for Christmas

Skip the generic stuff: personalized gifts are the way to go.

By: Katie Kallahan
Don’t know of any present ideas? Look no further!

The best and only gift ideas you will need this year: 

Paint by Numbers

This is not your typical paint by numbers. There’s no dinosaur and number 2 is not green. This is the perfect Christmas gift for your boo, you can upload your favorite photo of the two of you and your partner can paint it. They can either paint it in their free time, or it could be a perfect winter date night in, and you can both paint it together while sipping hot cocoa. 

Night Sky Map 

The cutest way to get sentimental this year is with a map of the constellations. Not just any constellation, but a map of the stars during any important date you want. Add the date, time, and place of when you first met your boo. Or add your first date. Make a map of your favorite anniversary date, anything memorable to you and your partner. 


Keepsake puzzles are the best gift for your significant other. Upload your favorite photo of the two of you and wrap it up in your cutest Christmas wrapping paper. Once your partner opens their gift, you can do the puzzle together. Puzzles are not meant to be taken apart and put back in the box once they’re done. Cut out some cardboard from any of your Christmas gifts and glue your puzzle to it to keep it together forever. 


Okay, hear me out. This is no regular keychain. It’s the cutest film roll keychain that you can personalize with multiple photos. You can choose so many designs, and some film rolls have a customizable spotify song link so you can add a song that makes you think of your partner. It’s cute and vintage, but without the vintage photo quality. 

Phone Cases

Congrats, you’ve noticed your partner’s phone case is old and disgusting. Okay, now you can customize one for them and make it cute, add some pictures of you and them. Add some family photos, and by family, I mean you and your boo posing for the camera with your dog. Adding your pet to the customized phone case is essential for this to be the best Christmas gift ever. 

Love Book 

Want to remember how you and your partner fell in love forever? Duh, make a customizable story book. Choose images and add dialogue, really channel your inner writer. It’ll be the cutest memory keepsake and maybe one day you could read it to your kids. (If you choose to have any of course.)

3D Lamp

Upload a photo and make it into your own night light. Choose your photo wisely here, this one is perfect for couples photos, as it is just a light up outline of you two. Great to illuminate your bedside table or be a cute addition to your work from home desk. 

Love Song Keepsake

You either have a song with your partner or know a song that any time you hear it makes you think of them. Maybe you can think of a few, which in that case you can use multiple songs for multiple items. Keychains, plaques, nightlights, plaques on a wooden stand or on an artist’s easel. Pick your spotify song and add your “album” cover and you’ve got a cute gift


Ornaments are a simpler gift that can still be personalized in a really cute way. You can even make this one a tradition, every year get an ornament with you and your name on it and the year. Any pair of anything on an ornament will do, two snowmen, two reindeer, two elves. Cute. 

Ultimate Personalized Gift

A puppy. Need I say more?

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