Ten Indoor Activities to Occupy Your Time

Sometimes it is Just Too Cold to Go Out

By: Monica Ahuja
Enjoy a Winter Coffee!

Although winter will not be here until December 21, 2021, it certainly feels like it is here already! Sometimes it is just too cold and blustery to go out. So here are some indoor activities that can help you to fill your time:

  1. Reorganize, clean, and fix-up your living space.

Cleaning does not have to wait until spring. If you have got the time and the resources, a cold winter day can be a great opportunity to play some music, get rid of the layers of dust sitting on your furniture, go through and organize the leaning tower of boxes you have been meaning to remove, or a perfect opportunity to build that bookshelf you desperately need!

  1. Have a virtual get-together!

None of your friends want to leave their home to visit, no problem! Host a virtual dinner party, game night, cook-off, book-club, film festival, etc. and have the company of your friends without having to go into the cold!

  1. Learn a new skill.

There are tons of online courses and free videos available to develop a new skill. Perhaps you could finally learn how to cook, crotchet, beatbox, play the drums, and develop a new skill set to add to your list of accomplishments and share when it is nicer to go out. 

  1. Have a movie or TV night. 

Catch up on a few episodes of that show you started watching  ages ago or watch a few films that you feel might be worth your time. 

  1. Read and write.

Read the magazines, books, articles, lyrics, and other works that are on your to be read list, and if you’d like, try to write on your own. You never know what can come out on paper!

  1. Write some “love” letters!

Many of us do not take the time to tell people how important they are to us and why they carry so much meaning in our lives. Writing “love letters” can be a good way to share how we feel and express our gratitude to those that have left a positive imprint on us. Or maybe you shared a good moment with someone, romantic or not, and you want to get to know them better. Tell them why that moment has had meaning to you and find companionship! And write out some good messages to leave for someone to find and take the chance to improve someone’s day and leave your own positive impact. 

  1. Find and develop a hobby.

Cold and windy days are a good time to do some research and discover what piques your interest. Take some time to develop that interest and do what you love!

  1. Get some rest. 

A cold day can be a perfect time to settle down and give your body the rest and care it needs. Snuggle up and soak your feet, lotion-up, journal, watch some cute cat and dog videos, or whatever tickles your fancy. But take the time to take care of yourself!

  1. Plan ahead.

Maybe you want to throw a party, start therapy, plan a vacation, meal-plan, determine your short-term or long-term goals, establish a budget, write out a grocery list, or find a job. An indoor day could be utilized to figure some things out and try to create some calm and order amid chaos. 

  1. Do nothing!

It is not always necessary to fill our days with an overwhelming number of tasks. Sometimes it can be nice to sit and do nothing and be alone with ourselves. 

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