The IPhone 13! Is it worth it? Yes it is!

Better quality and the best IPhone Apple has ever had!

By: Carlos Glick
Blue IPhone 13

The very first IPhone was released June 29, 2007 and since then has released 33 models in IPhone history. The two IPhones I will be talking about will be the IPhone SE (1st Generation) along with the IPhone 13 which came out September 24, 2021.

The first IPhone I ever had was the IPhone SE in 2016. I’ve used it for 5 years before I got the IPhone 13, which I’ve had for about a month so far.

The two IPhones are different but at the same time have some similarities. For starters, the two IPhones are Apple products, so both IPhones were made by Apple.

Just with the IPhone 13 itself, it offers +4 hours of video streaming with +10 hours of audio streaming.     

The IPhone 13 has a 4-core GPU whereas the IPhone 13 Pro has a 5-core GPU. The speakers on an IPhone 13 are insanely good compared to the IPhone SE.

The charging cable that comes in the box is newer than previous IPhones. Firstly, the charging cable that comes in the box is a lightning USB-C cable, and does not include the charger port itself, which is pretty annoying. 

The newest charging cable is primarily the fastest IPhone charger there is. You can even use it with Macs and IPads as well.

The camera system for the IPhone 13 is quite unique! With shooting or taking pictures in Macro lens in the new IPhone 13 Pro to shooting or taking pictures in Cinematic mode, the IPhone 13 is a must have.

Another Easter Egg is that it supports Duo E-Sim functionality, which means that you can have one E-Sim from one carrier and an E-Sim from another but no physical Sim on your phone. E-Sim means Software based instead of physical.

Another feature is that it has an insanely powerful chip in the IPhone 13, the most powerful chip any smartphone has ever, which is actually false. There is actually a smartphone that is even more powerful than the IPhone 13, which is actually the IPhone 13 Pro version. 

Another insanely cool feature for the IPhone 13 and the IPhone 13 Pro is the Live wallpapers. There is a major difference between the Live wallpapers on both IPhones. 

The IPhone 13 has an amazing spinning animation wallpaper that has a lot of colors and looks pretty cool. Whereas the IPhone 13 Pro has this zoom in lightning animation, which Apple doesn’t show in any of its marketing. 

You can see this feature if you press and hold your IPhone lock screen. 

The photograph styles are pretty amazing. You can set it in the Camera App, when you first open it or under Settings and allows you to give your camera photos a signature look. 

It has a brighter display. It is now brighter than any previous IPhone’s, which will make your IPhone easier to see in brighter settings.

Apple has doubled the storage across the board for IPhone 13 meaning instead of the IPhone starting at 64 GB, it now starts at 128 GB.  

Like I mentioned before, the IPhone 13 has a new Cinematic Mode, which is basically shooting in portrait mode, but for videos. You can shoot at 1080 P in 30 FPS, which will apply a beautiful shallow depth of field effect whether its an object, animal, or person.

Like I mentioned before, you can use a Live Wallpaper in either light or dark mode. That’s right, no matter what mode you choose, the same live wallpapers can be applied to both. 

Apple has upgraded to Sensor Shift Stabilization, meaning that when you move your IPhone, the sensor is moving itself. 

These are just a few features within the IPhone 13. I can tell you right now, it is definitely worth the upgrade.  

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