Secret Policies

The Long Awaited Trial Of Ex-Socialite Ghislaine Maxwell.

By: Kylie Hapuarachchi

The Boston Globe
Ghislane Maxwell stands besides Jeffrey Epstein, the notorious sex trafficker.

The case of Jeffrey Epstein and his predatory ways is one that will make you wonder what else you do not know about society’s elite.

Even though the Epstein came to light in the more recent years, he had been suspected of sex crimes more than once. 

In 2005, a 14 year old girl and her parents reported that Epstein had molested her at a mansion in Palm Beach, Florida. This would be the first of the many accusations that would lead one of society’s highest men to being found dead in his prison cell.

Epstein time and time again would use his money and power in order to have charges erased. Even when he had to register in New York City as a sex offender and check in every 90 days, Epstein managed to never do so.

After Jeffrey Epstein’s death in August of 2019, the case resides with Ghislaine Maxwell, Epstein’s “ex-girlfriend” and right-hand woman. 

According to the New York Times, she was known as the “Lady of the House”, doing things from managing the houses to picking the masseuses for Epstein’s many massages.

On day 7 of the grueling case, a third accuser is put to the stand to emphasize the horrendous things that were done to her. 

At the age of 14, a woman known as “Carolyn” would go over to the Epstein mansion in Palm Beach, Florida. Carolyn, on one occasion had Maxwell touch her all over her body. Carolyn exclaims how Maxwell states, “had a great body for Epstein and his friends”. 

Carolyn also mentions how everytime she was about to leave there would be $300 meticulously placed in the bathroom sink. This of course was after the fact of something sexual being exchanged for the money. 

She is the third one to testify, after “Kate” and “Jane”. All mention how Maxwell was a major part in the sexual partaking whether it was to set up meetings with the girls or if she was present during the lude acts themselves.

The even more disturbing factor are that high profile figures such as, Bill Clinton, Donald Trump, and even Prince Andrew have all been linked to the sex trafficking ring that Epstein created. 

Maxwell is accused of being an associate of the sex trafficking operation which included the coaxing and grooming of underage girls. These girls would then have to undergo sexual relationships with Epstein and his friends. 

These girls would then be promised bonuses if they would bring along a friend. 

Most of these underage girls were naive and were blindsided by the glitz and glam of Epstein’s extravagant life. However, what they sadly did not realize was the fact that they would be sexually abused. 

This is the case of the century, especially with the ‘Me Too’ movement’s mighty resurgence in 2018, which was about the sexual harassment and abuse that men and women faced. 

This movement was showcased especially in Hollywood where hundreds of actors came out with stating their cases of being taken advantage of. 

Maxwell now is paying the price for the ruthless crimes she commited with keeping the sex ring alive all these years. If she is found guilty of these sex crimes she will be facing to up to 35 years in prison. 

The life that these high profile men and women live make one wonder what is to happen to the children of the future. With the idea that there are child brides and now sex rings filled with children, it makes one to wonder how children are used as a commodity. 

Ghislaine Maxwell, if found guilty, will lead a life of punishment for what she has done to those children.

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