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Ladies and Gents, it’s Dirty December

We’ve evolved from the Trader Joe’s chocolate advent calendars, here’s something more fun for you and your boo.

By: Katie Kallahan

It’s not too late to start your Christmas advent calendar fun. Yes, we’re well into the month, but there’s still time for 12 days of Christmas calendar, even if you have to double up on some days (use the chocolate calendar for snacks in between rounds, duh). 

But, we’re not talking about regular chocolates and cheese advent calendars…we’re talking sex advent calendars. Yes, they’re actually a thing, and there are many options from toys, lingerie, lubricants and even bondage. 

Here you will find many options from all different price ranges and sexual interests. If all else fails getting one of these to deliver in time, you could always make a quick stop to Spencer’s Gifts and DIY your own advent calendar. 

  1. Lovehoney Couples Gift Set

Spice up your 12 days with mystery items from vibrators, cock rings, blindfolds, or sex dice. You and your boo can find out what’s hiding behind box number 7 together and then use it when you get freaky in the bedroom. This set is a little pricey, it’s $110, but you have 12 items that value up to $190.

  1. Christmas lingerie set

Make yourself feel sexy and get your partner excited to take it off with these 24 days of lingerie. Adjustable garters, crotchless panties, and faux nipple piercings. This set is $235 on Etsy, and comes with a lot for each night with your boo. Easily catch up on the past few weeks of Dirty December by wearing more than one piece and your partner could unwrap you to get to the gift. 

  1. Erotic Adventure Set

Rihanna said it best, “chains and whips excite me.” Get into it with this $79.95 set filled with 7 days of cuffs, a whip, blindfolds, rope, and more. Maybe brush up on your knot tying skills with a quick Youtube video before your partner comes over though. 

  1. Sensations Kit

Everyone might like getting head but not everyone might like giving it, which is fine, you do what you want in the bedroom. But, if you wanted to try and make it more fun for the both of you, maybe try this Goodhead oral pleasure kit, for only $26 bucks. It includes flavored lubes and oral gels and even an anesthetic spray. Just a warning to be careful with the deep throat anesthetic spray so you don’t numb too much and end up getting hurt. 

  1. Advance Bondage kit 

Not exactly an advent calendar, but it does come with 14 items to play with your partner. It is a bit more than the other sets on this list at $186 dollars, but it comes with a wide range of things to explore with someone. Ball gag, nipple clamps, a paddle, and a bed restraint system, plus a bunch of other things. You can test out everything and find out which is your favorite or which makes you partner got the most nuts. 

  1. Sex Games Calendar 

This calendar had 12 for him and 12 for her sex games or mix it up, whichever floats your boat. This cute little kinky coupon book is $9.99 and you’ll both be having fun with the games and the price. Pick a coupon each day for you and your partner to ensure a spot on the naughty list this year. 

  1. Spencer’s DIY 

If you’re in a time crunch and can’t be waiting around for shipping and deliveries, take 20 minutes in Spencers with your partner (or alone to make it more of a surprise) and purchase 6-12 items. You can mix them up when you get home and individually wrap them up. Later when you’re ready you could both pick one from the mystery bag, unwrap and then unwrap each other.

PSA: Make sure you and whichever partner you choose to partake in these Christmas games consents to whatever you decide to do or not do together. If you find a butt plug in day 4 box and they don’t want to play with it, pick another box or just go back to trusty old regular missionary sex. 

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