The Game of Life Played By Dylan Notaro

A more personal look at one of the CSI campus’s own

by  Drew Donato

Dylan Notaro takes in the spectacle of Game 5 of the 2019 ALCS against the Houston Astros.

“See that?” Dylan Notaro motions to a Yankees jersey on the wall. “I wore that to the 2019 ALCS!”

To Dylan Notaro, sports is the absolute world to him, especially baseball. Not only does getting his head in the game equate to competing or watching a game, but also affects how he goes about his everyday life. He sees each day as an opportunity for a new challenge to take on.

 One of the major turning points for Dylan occurred during a surprise birthday gift. It was none other than a ticket to Derek Jeter’s last game at Yankee Stadium. The spectacle of that walk-off game that secured the Yankees a victory made him realize something that day.

 “It was there where my perspective on things changed a bit that day,” He pauses for a second in a contemplative state before continuing “This game made me realize that all good things come to an end, no matter how good they were, and that I gotta live to the fullest.”

 This life-changing experience taught Dylan to start enjoying his surroundings more. He had the drive to get involved and engage with a community. This caused him to delve even further into the world of sports.

Not only do sports inspire him to approach the day with a competitive mindset, but it also makes him appreciate those around him. Whether it be friends or family competing with him or just watching a game, Dylan finds great value in bonding with them over their shared love of the hype. The hype of it all makes for a more complete day.

Of course, Dylan has a hero of his own from the field of baseball. New York Yankees outfielder number 99, Aaron Judge. Whenever he is on screen, the games feel even more engaging.

Judge inspires Dylan most with how and when he has accomplished his many career feats. Having just turned 30, Judge already had some huge milestones from his 2017 introduction at 25 years old. He had become the first rookie to ever win the Home-Run Derby.

Seeing someone like Judge accomplish so much at a young age has resonated deeply with Dylan. He deduces that working hard transcends age, and that helps inspire him to keep elevating to new heights. If Dylan could shake hands with only one athlete, it would definitely be Aaron Judge.

Due to his sports-driven lifestyle, Dylan has also amassed an inordinately large collection of sports memorabilia. Piles and piles of jerseys adorn his room, as do autographs from his favorite athletes. His “causal” clothing also consists of sports-related apparel as well, as there’s at least one of every color to represent each of his favorite teams.

Wearing these clothes, Dylan states also helps to inspire building confidence within him. Representing the Yankees on what others may view as a simple t-shirt is an exciting experience for him. The mark of a favorite always lightens up the day.

One more important lesson baseball has left Dylan is the value of planning. Each game requires intricate planning to progress and potentially gain a victory. Careful, meticulous calculations with strong teamwork. 

Having studied this kind of planning from years of exposure to these games, this planning has helped Dylan progress pretty far in his life. Seeing the teamwork has inspired Dylan to reach out to others in various tasks with great success. Had it not been for studying baseball, Dylan is not sure where he would be right now.

“Right now, it’s still early on in my season,” he ponders aloud “I’ve made it pretty well so far.”

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