Do’s and Don’ts As A College Freshman

There are helpful hacks that can help you take on this new freshman life

by Ashley Vazquez 

When I was a freshman in college I felt like the underdog. I wished I had a guide to help me to survive my first day.

Entering college as a freshman is nerve-wracking. Many emotions are felt at once: fear, excitement, and anxiety. College is a fresh new arena that enables fresh starts or a complete failure. Yet, there are simple tips that can help you overcome the struggles.

 It is vital to plan ahead and set goals and expectations for yourself. This helps to look for the resources that you need such as clubs and advisement. You want to take control of you’re future.  

Being diligent and responsible is key to having a good reputation and keeping yourself focused. One must prioritize what’s most important and what’s not. Be on time for classes and prepare for each class so that you will be able to ask questions. In addition, you must take care of you’re mental health, therefore, take breaks and take care of yourself as well to avoid exhaustion.

Going into college is a chance to grasp control of your life and become more independent. Thus, you must avoid negativity and stay away from people who don’t motivate you. Be confident and reassure yourself constantly. 

Don’t procrastinate since that builds stress upon yourself. Always seek ways to save money and rather than spending lots of money, try investing and saving. One must avoid overworking themselves if it is possible since studies take time. In doing so, your college experience could be great. It takes a village to accomplish great things and effort, so be your own village. 

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