Why CSI Should Consider Having Cosmetology Classes  

The bold effect that having a beauty department on campus would have on CSI’s students.

by E. Perrone

After being in college for four years now, I’ve found it can be quite boring. It needs a little more excitement to keep us going. This is why adding a beauty/makeup department to campus would be fantastic.
Now, obviously, cosmetics are not for everyone. But as someone who has always loved the beauty industry, having a place where there are people who specialize in the field seems truly attractive.
Through cosmetology classes, students would be given the freedom to express themselves thoroughly and create art without shame. They would be shown different career opportunities and bond over a genuine passion that they have developed. Further, they would collectively dismantle society’s standards of the traditional college experience and reshape notions about the degree you should have when you graduate.
This would be for people like me who have a real interest in the beauty industry as a possible career path, and who want to help people feel confident in their own skin and empower others. Everyone would be given the option to take courses offered in CSI’s beauty department to learn about all-things cosmetology and be given a glimpse into what their future would be like in this field.
I know many college students nowadays feel stuck in their major or drop out because they are not content with what they are studying. The ability to have courses offered in something as unique as cosmetology would allow CSI’s students to be more expressive, to flame their passions in something other than basic academics, and to allow them to be unafraid to admit that they are interested in something bold.
I feel that it would make CSI more colorful and allow students to be themselves. Having a beauty department would attract people from all around, as well as those already enrolled in the school. So it’s time for CSI to look in the mirror and welcome a new department to the campus.

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