Make CSI Safe to Walk

The very foundation of the college is crumbling, and it’s being ignored.

by  Alteara Huggins-Jones

Sidewalks and building stairs throughout CSI are broken and cracked, and many students have even fallen due to the college’s negligence.

Building 2S has had caution tape on a section of the stairs for a long while and there doesn’t seem to be any action to fix them. While many students have complained about the struggle of walking around campus without tripping over broken pieces there hasn’t been a change in the last 3 years.

 The college hasn’t addressed smaller concerns of the students like allowing the s93 bus to stop inside the campus again, let alone such an immense project like the campus sideways.

Though it isn’t only the sidewalks that are crumbling, there are sinkholes forming in certain parts of the campus that also haven’t been addressed. When there are events or even when campus security uses their vehicles to drive through campus, it further damages the sideways since they are already broken.

Even when it’s raining, walking to the cafeteria without getting your shoes wet is almost impossible because there are dents in the ground that create such huge puddles. And you can’t get around them!

Although there are many issues that the school needs to address, the sidewalks are such an important part of not only the student’s safety but, the foundation of the school as well. This has been a long-standing issue that has become normal especially when the weather changes. Things could be better.

Now that the President of the college has changed perhaps there will be changes on campus.

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