Make Yourself Heard: Student Election Nominations Are Open for Spring 2023!

Interested students are encouraged to undergo the nomination process for open positions in CSI’s student government and various other active organizations. 

By Gabriel Acevedo

Photo Credit: College of Staten Island | Students can apply for student government positions through CSI Connect. 

For students who are looking to get more involved on campus and have their voice heard in the making of crucial decisions, the nomination forms for Student Government elections are now live. 

Students have until March 31 to go to CSI Connect and sign up for elections. 

On the application, there is a variety of options students can select from and run for. Options range from Senator seats in organizations ranging from Student Government, CSI Association, Auxiliary Services Corporation, College Council, and Faculty Student Disciplinary Committee. 

Director of Student Life, Carol Brower, is excited about the upcoming elections. She hopes that CSI students will find more of a desire to get involved around campus.

“In addition to making things better for all students, student leaders gain experience and develop leadership skills that will benefit them in their future,” says Brower. “I strongly encourage all students to find some way of getting involved outside of the classroom and these organizations are a great way of doing that.”

Brower is not the only person interested in these new elections coming up, as the buzz has also been spread around current student government members in office. 

Academic and Curricular Affairs Commissioner, Samantha Samy, has also been excited about the new students eager to join.

“I’m very excited. I’m looking forward to meeting the other candidates because I understand what it takes to run for student government,” said Samy. “So I know that anyone else running really cares about this college and the student body and wants to make an impact.” 

Student Government, as well as student activity as a whole, was deeply impacted by the pandemic. They’re hoping that with these new rounds of elections, they can encourage more students to get involved on campus. 

Samy remarks that she wants candidates that can ask questions, not be passive, and making sure students are aware of the efforts that the student government is making to fund events.

Nominations are open until March 31st. If students want to apply, they can visit

If students have any further questions, they are free to ask current Student Government members or Carol Brower.

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