Creative Writing

Have you ever felt so numb to what’s in front of you…

By Elina Milimoh

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 I can sit by this window and think of a thousand words. My mind melts like a scented candle, still. pooling against the walls of my skull and its wax paints a tapestry. Citrus and jasmine clouding view and everything starts to come together. Emotions are vivid and the murmuring halts itself to address what’s going on. 

       I missed her voice, her perspective and curiosity. the innocence She had, that thought We lost. but was just hiding beneath the sheets Scared to come out. Inner child you are a part of me that will never cease to amaze and that deserves respect and love. 

       Everything is more beautiful when you’re around to comfort me to play with me, I hold your value highly. A sweet nubian queen. Take care of your world in the ways your world has taken care of you.

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