The “Dry” Month of March at CSI

Throughout March, students worked tirelessly without days off. 

By Drew Donato 

Photo Credit: Warner Bros. Animation (1995) 

March: the dawn of spring. It can be seen as a time for new beginnings to align with the rise of a new season. 

At CSI, however, it signals an inordinately busy period. 

The month of March at CSI was a somewhat difficult period. Midterms reigned supreme, meaning more work to be done. 

At the heart of it all, one would think there would be at least a day off or two to help some students relax a bit. However, there were no days off at all, adding pressure to the already busy month. 

As it is midterm season, there comes occasional periods when different classes’ assignments all stack up against each other. If timing is an issue, there may be nights where multiple assignments are due the same day. 

CSI student Klaudia Wiacek felt particularly overwhelmed with the workload.

“We should’ve had one day off,” said Wiacek. “It’s midterm season and the students deserve a chance to recharge.” 

Indeed, an extra day to recharge would’ve been nice. Not everyone on the campus has much free time, what with jobs and other personal duties (making weekends harder to schedule for some). 

A day or two in the middle of the week would have proved to be beneficial.  

In my own experience, March was also a little hectic when multiple assignments were assigned near each other. There was one particular week where a test for one class was due Wednesday, an essay for another due Thursday, another essay for another class due Friday, and a project for another class due Saturday. 

I managed to spread them out evenly so there wasn’t much of a conflicting schedule and even completed one assignment a week in advance. But it was somewhat wearisome at times.

Ultimately, my experimenting with scheduling seems to have helped somewhat, as I managed to set some time aside for my birthday at the end of the month. I hope others were lucky enough to find additional time to rest as well. 

As I am writing this, spring break is vastly approaching. No doubt, I am grateful for this break, as are many other students, but it still would’ve been nice to see a day off or two in March. 

“A day off sounds nice,” said Wiacek. “We don’t have enough in the spring semester.”

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