“Daredevil,” A Dark and Dangerous Drama

Reviewing the Latest “Marvel” on Netflix

By Lucia Rossi

Let us not speak of the Daredevil travesty that was the Ben Affleck film. Instead, let us focus on the bright future that Netflix has provided with the new “Daredevil” TV series.

“Daredevil” is just one step in Netflix’s big plan to expand Marvel’s universe. And with a 98 percent approval rating from Rotten Tomatoes, it was a great step indeed.

In case you are not familiar wit the Daredevil origin story, Matt Murdock as a child had a chemical exposed to his eyes (the same chemical that created the Ninja Turtles) from a freak accident that blinded him.

However, he received super senses that allow him to see without really seeing. With his powerful senses and fighting skills, Murdock delivers justice to the criminals in Hell’s Kitchen in New York by night, and delivers justice in the court room as a lawyer by day.

In the show his one obstacle is to take down the top dog, the Kingpin, Wilson Fisk.

There are so many reasons to love “Daredevil” as a whole. It always gives the viewer a constant mix of emotions.

One moment things are funny, then exciting, then it’s upsetting, then surprising–and it’s wonderful.

The show starts out small from the very beginning. Some may think it moves slowly, but the build-up pays off later on in the season.

Just warning you now, don’t expect to see the classic red suit. Murdock develops into it first, which is better.

The TV series gives many flashbacks on the childhoods of both the Daredevil and Kingpin. This was a really wise decision because the audience really understands the character motivations.

The views can also share the pain of their pasts, which haunt the characters. It feels so personal and the things they go through are traumatizing.

Matt Murdock’s fighting style is so admirable and fun to watch because his moves are beautiful in the way he flips and twists in the air as if he is dancing.

Murdock’s determination is also astonishing because no matter how many times he is near death, he gets right back up and keeps fighting.

Like Batman and Superman in the DC universe, Daredevil doesn’t want to kill his enemies. The question of when and if he will need to constantly arises throughout the series. It is a topic that will probably return in the second season.

This is one of those shows that makes you love and sympathize with the villain. Wilson Fisk has a better love life than Matt Murdock, which in a way is disappointing, but it is interesting and is different.

It is heartwarming to watch a man as stoic and awkward as Wilson Fisk woo a woman. You see him become vulnerable in a relationship despite all the threats. As the big man in charge, he learns that loving someone becomes a weakness.

Matt Murdock and Wilson Fisk are foils to each other. They are both strong, intelligent leaders who fight well and would go far to save their city. They both share similar dreams of peace for their childhood homes, but with a major disagreement when it comes to gentrification.

Fisk wants to destroy Hell’s Kitchen in order to rebuild and make it beautiful, while Murdock wants to protect the people who live there by representing the them as their lawyer.

Hell’s Kitchen in reality is actually a gentrified area full of restaurants now. However, the show takes place during a time when it was still a feared, drug-filled, and gang-ridden area.

My one problem with the show is that Daredevil is always fighting because “This is my city!” and Kingpin is fighting because “This is my city!” Hell’s Kitchen is five or six blocks, they’re fighting over a neighborhood, not the whole city. All the action takes place in that radius and nowhere else.

Other than that, the show is binge-watch worthy. They even make constant jokes and references to The Avengers, which is pretty enjoyable. It has something to offer everyone and is only going to get better.

The second season will air sometime during 2016. It will also be followed by several other Marvel Netflix series like, “A.K.A. Jessica Jones,” “Luke Cage,” and “Iron Fist.” All of these will lead to the miniseries “Marvel’s The Defenders.”

Even so, we can still hope for a film crossover so these street-level crime-fighters can get in on The Avengers action.


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