What Your Hairstyle Says About Your Personality

The Fifty Shades of Fabulous

By Victoria Priola



A blonde can pretty much get away with anything they please. You could pull of going from school girl-innocent to Victoria Secret’s model Candice Swanepoel-sexy in minutes without missing a beat.

According to a study published by Televizion on gender in children’s television, most of the central characters on the average children’s show are blonde and caucasian.

They also are portrayed as being less educated and more eccentric than other characters—which led to the “dumb blonde” stereotype.

There is no scientific evidence to prove that the stereotype exists, so take pride in knowing you will accomplish more in your life than becoming Head Cheerleader.

If you’re a blonde, own it because some have tried and most have failed. Take Kim Kardashian as a prime example of failure.



Something about brown hair gives off an innocent “girl next door” vibe that has become a default hair color for a goody-two-shoes female.

Brunettes always seem to have their life together. Velma from the Scooby Doo cartoons may be the inspiration behind this stereotype.

They also have the ability to switch from “nice” to “naughty,” much like blondes do.

According to Daily Mail online, sixty percent of men prefer a brunette over a blonde.

You are someone your significant other can bring home to her or his mother.

Whether you take that as a compliment or not, you are respected and seen as professional. What more could you ask for?



According to Daisy Hair Design, 75 percent of the world has generally dark colored hair.

Dark brown and black hair is notorious for being high maintenance, according to the Huffington Post blog Black Hair.

You are a very patient person, quite creative, and work hard to get your hair to perfection. It is a full-time maintenance job and you are a work of art. Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither was your hair.

The attention to detail that is needed to do your hair will help you succeed in life in general.

If you can sit in a chair for four hours and spend a fortune to deal with constant twisting, dreading, and braiding and still be able to live life as a normal human being, you are the ultimate badass.



The rarest, and therefore the most unique, natural hair color is red. According to Man Cave Daily, a mutation in the MC1R gene is the reason why redheads, also known as gingers,  have the color they do. Gingers are notoriously known for being off the wall and eccentric. There are no found studies to prove that redheads are crazy but there are many that say gingers have a temper.

Being that the color is so unique, you are already 80 percent cooler than the rest of the world. Congrats!According to Men’s Health, you’re a freak in the sheets too. A study done by the University of Hamburg says that the average sex lives of redheads top the average of blondes and brunettes.

Emma Stone, Reba McEntire, and Amy Adams are, according to Elite Daily, some of the most successful gingers in the world. Those who are redhead take a lot of pride in their hair color: it is a part of your identity. Disregard those who consistently ask you if you have a soul and keep on being awesome.



Having a full head of electric blue might have worked for Kylie Jenner but it is a hair color trend that reminds most of us of the times in eighth grade where we discovered Hot Topic stores and Manic Panic hair dye for the first time.

Technicolor hair is a personal form of expression. According to Into the Gloss, bright colored hair can be a tribute to the fun times of childhood. Those with bright colored hair bring enthusiasm and a sense of silliness to a person’s life. That or they just really like the way they look opposed to having a natural hair color.

There are people who believe that having this color hair looks odd if the person’s not at an electric dance music festival. Dyeing your hair neon pink means you don’t care what others think and your body is your decision. You don’t mind standing out from the rest. Another perk to having bright colored hair is that someone will always find something to compliment you on when you’re at a social gathering.



Stars like Rita Ora, Lady Gaga, and Rihanna have jumped on the bandwagon with this hair color.

Now you don’t have to wait to turn sixty to have grey hair, get a head start and dye your hair silver in your early twenties.

Us Weekly online refers to this as the “antique grey” trend.

If you have silver hair, you are not afraid to take risks. That or you made a huge mistake when you tried to go blonde.

According to, grey hair is popular with people under twenty five in Britain.

It is an alternative style so those who have it tend to be trendy and take an interest in black coffee and the fine arts.

It is a bold step for a hair color but dancing to the beat of your own drum comes in handy. Kudos to you, Silver.



If you’ve gone ombre recently, you’re equivalent a grandma making a Facebook profile for the first time—lagging compared to the rest of the world but still connected. This color-to-color transformation was the biggest trend during the summer of 2012 and has remained heavily popular. claims that Sombre is where this hair trend will be in the near future. A sombre has, according to Glamour, a more subtle look than ombre. You get the best of both worlds with this hair color; you no longer need to commit to just one. What a time to be alive. Going from a light to dark color gives you an edgier look.

Dark to light gives off a more sophisticated vibe. Whether you dress it up or dress it down—someone will always compliment you on your hair. When it first became popular, you’d be known as “basic” if you had an ombre. Now it is, slowly but surely, becoming a hair color that is timeless. You’re a classy woman if you could pull it off—just don’t get lost in a crowd on Staten Island, people may not be able to spot you out.


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