Commentary: Lives Vs. Financial Gains For The NRA

How Guns Play a Big Part in American Government

By Nafisa Jabbie

Violence is endemic to society.

With the aid of technological tools such as the online markets and social media, people are finding more strategic ways in gaining access to guns in particular. It’s disturbing that issues surrounding the devastating aftermath that gun violence produces often goes unresolved.

Furthermore, from the smuggling of guns statewide through the black market or sometimes stolen illegal guns, are mainly the guns used to commit most murders in cities where guns are, for the most part, illegal.

“Guns cross state lines as easily as cars do. If your state has strong gun laws but the neighboring state does not have strong gun laws, the guns come into your state. That’s called the Iron Pipeline,” said President Barack Obama, according to a CNN news report.

It’s sad that governmental efforts to curb gun violence is deemed unfeasible by many in Congress.

It’s associated with the significance that gun violence is becoming more rampant in American culture. Subsequently the effects of gun violence is nondiscriminatory, from police officers that are meant to secure our safety to innocent children falling victims to the heinous crimes committed by guns.

Gun violence is around us everywhere.

We see it every day through reports, such as one by ABC News that two police officers were shot in the Mott Haven section of the Bronx on February 4. The suspect later killed himself.

It shows the dire need for the National Rifle Association to show regard for human life rather than monetary gains they get from their members.

Some organizations have openly rallied against gun violence, such as ThinkProgress.com

“While raking in an additional $91 million, the group only increased its spending on lobbying by $10 million,” the left leaning website reported. “The organization also paid its public relations agency $14.5 million as they dealt with reputational damage control following Newtown”

This shows that economic gains triumphs the countless lives that have been lost to gun violence without consideration to grieving families.

Every time a mass shooting happens, the New York Times reported, gun sales go up. And the NRA continues to make more money while lives have been shattered into disarray.

The NRA’s economic standing makes it possible for it to influence members of Congress tremendously. However, the gun group has consistently left out the ethical aspects in many of their white papers and reports on how detrimental it is to the American people.

The NRA sees gun regulation as an obstacle to making more money. Because the NRA isn’t forcing people to buy their guns but people are anyway. In this regard if people will keep buying guns, they will keep being an important part of their lives.

A report from the New York Daily News links contributions from the NRA to politicians’ stances on gun control, shows the primary reasoning as to why politicians tend to ignore issues surrounding gun violence: members who oppose gun regulation almost always receive donations from the group.

With huge finances at stake for the NRA, it makes it impossible to end the senseless anguish that gun violence inflicts on American s every day.

Their primary focus lies on the monetary gains rather than the morality or the pains associated with it that society is left to endure.

According to a CNN News report, the NRA chief said that Obama stepped out of bounds with his modest regulations, which were imposed via federal regulations.

“When absolutes are abandoned for principles, the U.S. Constitution becomes a blank slate for anyone’s graffiti,” Wayne LaPierre said.

The NRA chief respectively in this sense doesn’t think that gun violence is problematic, he feels that Americans should carry around guns for protection.

But the question remains with protection from who and from what, because guns have continued to make society despotic, both domestically and internationally. This in fact, to the NRA, shows that guns are needed.

The NRA doesn’t view the growth of gun violence as the easy availability of guns, tragically in this regard it’s seen as a way of exercising one’s right through the second Amendment which grants Americans the rights to bear arms.

However it seems that the NRA’s sole interest is that financial gains overshadow the lives that are ended abruptly by the manufacturing of guns.

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  1. Gun violence is becoming more rampant? Sorry, that’s wrong. Crime rates have been plummeting for 30 years while the sale of firearms has tripled. Instead of focusing on “gun” murders, it seems reasonable to focus on “all” murders. It’s notable that 5,639, about half the total non-suicide homicides are murders committed by illegal aliens. If the president and his platoon of billionaires were sincere in their stated wish to reduce the murder rate in this nation, they’d close the border and deport criminal illegal aliens.

    If the leftists would focus on illegal aliens as a scourge instead of voters, the U.S. murder rate would drop to 2.1 per hundred thousand. That rate would place the U.S. in the safest one-third in the world. Consider what a real president and just a little more leftist support could do for this nation the next time you vote. Even including all those murders committed by illegal aliens, the U.S. ranks 98th out of 218 nations measured. That’s well inside the safest half of the world. Stated another way, your chances of being murdered in the U.S. are 38 thousandths of a percent (.000038). In Britain, your chances are one thousandth of a percent (.00001). That’s a difference of 28 thousandths of a percent, a very small number any way you look at it. Some will say the U.S. is four times as dangerous as Britain but four times almost nothing is still almost nothing.

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