The Keys to Conquering the Selfie Game Through Contouring

By Brielle Sparacino and Briana DelBuono

Photo Credit: Huffington Post

Photo Credit: Huffington Post

Contrary to popular belief, contouring is not rocket science and selfies are not as complicated as Instagramers like Kim Kardashian make them out to be.

A lot of girls don’t like to contour simply because they think it involves sticking tape on the sides of your face and nose, and using a different brush for every step of your makeup routine.

Don’t be intimidated by expensive products or the 15 minute long YouTube tutorials on how to use them.

You don’t need to buy the Anastasia Beverly Hills Cream Contour Kit if you aren’t comfortable with using cream -based products because, let’s be honest, clown contouring was never supposed to be a thing.

The basics of contouring involve a bronzer or contouring powder that is two to three shades darker than your skin tone, and an angled blush brush or tapered brush.

If you don’t have access to a bronzer or contour powder in the right color for you, you can always substitute them with a brown eye shadow, as long as it’s matte.

Matte products are the key to getting your contour game on point. If there is any shimmer in your products, your face won’t have the chiseled effect that contouring is supposed to leave.

Once your face is primed and your foundation is in place, put some of the powder on your brush and sweep it from the top of your ear downward until you reach the outer corner of your eye.

If the line looks too defined for your taste, buff the powder in until it looks more natural on your skin.

When you’re fully satisfied with your cheek contour, take more of the powder and buff it in around your temples and on your hairline.

This step is completely optional, but by doing this, you’re creating shadows on your forehead, which aids in making it look smaller than what you’re used to seeing in the mirror every day.

When you’re finished contouring your forehead, make your nose look smaller by squeezing the brush’s bristles into the shape of a fan brush, and sweeping the product up and down the sides of your nose, as well as right underneath the tip of your nose.

The areas you want to highlight would be the tops of your cheekbones, the center of your forehead, and the bridge of your nose, since light naturally hits all of these points.

These tricks really do work, but it takes some getting used to. Contouring is like instant magic for your face, but it’s okay if you don’t get it perfect on your first try.

These steps will get you looking like Beyoncé but if you have no one to show them off to, what was the point? Selfies are for showcasing your ravishing good looks.

But are you doing it right? Here’s how to get the perfect selfie so your Instagram can highlight the best side or sides of you. Ha! Highlight, see what I did there?

The first step is preparation. Make sure you have a lot of time to take as many selfies as you can before you get the “right one.”

Before going out for a night on the town or just before class are the recommended lots of time for you selfie sesh.

You will need to prep your face by doing all of the steps listed above.

Next, you’ll need the perfect lighting. To obtain this, I suggest getting as close to any bathroom mirror or lamp that you can access.

The clearer you can see your face, the better the picture will come out. The more glow you have, the more majestic you will look.

Take at least 15 to 20 pictures, or keep going until your arm gets tired and you need a break. Then you need to evaluate your best ones. This might be hard so send your top three to your no-nonsense best friend for advice.

Once you’ve picked a winner, take your selfie to editing apps such as Perfect 365, Photowonder, Afterlight, Instantsquare, and Camly, most of which are available on the app store for free.

Play around with filters, saturation, brightness, etc. until you find the look you’re going for.

The final step is uploading to Instagram. This is the moment of truth. To get a good selfie with a lot of likes, you’ll need to be wary of the time you’re posting.

Peak Instagram hours are 7-9am when people are waking up and 7-9pm when they are coming home from work.

Sundays are always prime time for posting as well. Selfie Sunday, anyone?

Be mindful of the hashtags you use as well. You’ll want to attract attention to your selfie, so captions and hashtags are everything.

You can write a quote from a song you like or even just a couple emojis with the hashtag “#iwokeuplikedis” even though everyone knows you definitely did not wake up like that.

This is all you’ll need to contour and prepare the perfect selfie. Post it up and watch the likes pour in.

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