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Brett Favre Sets Eyes on a Return to the NFL Again

The New York Jets show significant interest

By: Anthony Russo 

Brett Farve

While many thought that a sack from Chicago Bears defensive end Corey Wootton back in 2010 would be the final play of Brett Favre’s career that caused a concussion, it likely won’t. Favre, at age 47, plans to make his return to the NFL in the 2017 season and make a large impact for any team that’s willing to accept him.

Teams are showing interest in Favre, especially the New York Jets, who have been searching for a franchise quarterback since Joe Namath left in 1976. They think Favre could be their answer. The Jets did add 37 year old Josh McCown, but according to league sources he’s just insurance in case Favre opts not to sign with them. In that case, the Jets would cut McCown

According to a source close to Favre’s camp, his strong interest to come back to the NFL started just a couple months ago while walking his dog with daughter, Brittany Favre. “My daughter just started talking to me.” said Favre. “She started telling me she really missed watching me on TV playing football.”

Favre also said he’s been contemplating making a return, many times within the last seven years, but now felt it was the right time.

“I was afraid for a while to make a return, I guess I listened too much to the media and what they think.” said Favre. “But I don’t care anymore. I want to play what I love until I can’t feel my bones anymore.”

Favre has toyed with retiring and returning several times in his NFL career. It all started before the 2008 season when the Green Bay Packers were prepared to move on from the Favre era and believed he was retiring. Then out of nowhere, Favre expressed interest in playing football again, but the Packers had already moved on and traded him to the Jets.

After Favre’s season with the Jets didn’t work out, he informed them in February of 2009, that he was going to retire. Favre then decided that he wanted to play again and the Jets released him. That’s when he signed with the Minnesota Vikings in August of 2009, where he spent two seasons before publicly announcing his retirement to the press in 2011, making it official.

Favre is expected to meet with the Jets sometime this week. Cleveland Browns owner, Jimmy Haslam, is expected to try and persuade Favre by baking cookies during a meeting next week. Favre will likely find himself in a bidding war between cookies and Jet’s.

The decision for Favre may not be an easy one, as he will likely wait a couple of months before making his final decision. Favre is indeed prepared to play “hardball” with NFL teams drawing interest and will wait until he gets a fair deal. ESPN’s insider, Adam Schefter reports that teams may even go as far as putting freshly baked brownies on the table, which he says could be the deal breaker.

Jets owner, Woody Johnson, was asked about Favre on the London Silly Nannies radio show and said, “Favre is one of the greatest quarterbacks in NFL history. He’s somebody that we’d love to have back as our quarterback for many years to come.” Johnson isn’t sure how the Favre market will play out just yet, but it’s no secret that he wants another opportunity with Favre.

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