April Fools!

Mike Makes It Right

Tyson returns half bitten ear to Evander Holyfield

By: William Morton

As an act of recompensation, the most physically dominating and ruthless boxer in history, Mike Tyson, returned the other half of Evander Holyfield’s ear that he bit off in a 1997 title match.

At the time, rumors accused Tyson of enjoying the taste of Holyfield’s ear that night, but, according to Tyson, he was simply acting on his adrenaline and that resulted in him getting disqualified.

Overnight, his reputation changed from being the guy that can fight fairly with his hands, to the guy who had to resort to crazy tactics to win in his sport.

Holyfield didn’t know what to do so he dodged reporters and made his way out of the arena without commenting on the situation.

Everyone wondered, what made Tyson bite Holyfield’s ear and could it be surgically repaired?

Tyson had to a lot of growing up to do and though he knew he had to apologize to Holyfield, first he had to look within and apologize to the boy who was motivated to box to support his family.

One source said that they heard Holyfield laughing at Tyson’s high pitched voice and lisp which provoked Tyson to want to do something about it.

The result is that Tyson chomped at Holyfield’s ear and while Tyson knew he had to apologize, he was still searching for the right way to say “I’m sorry.”

Tyson had placed the other part of Holyfield’s ear in the chemical compound “formaldehyde,” which has preserved the ear’s texture over the years. The next step was driving to the home of Holyfield and returning what was rightfully his.

When Holyfield looked at the ear, he began to cry tears of joy, sources told The Banner.

Holyfield let his fighting style speak on his behalf. Tyson not only spoke vulgarities in interviews, but he didn’t display hesitation in utilizing frowned upon strategies to win his match.

However, Mike Tyson in the ring isn’t the same Tyson that his family and freinds, love and  know. Someplace in his career, Tyson knew that in order to have inner satisfaction, he had to display the gentleman side that was rare to appear.

Holyfield can relax knowing his ear has been returned and can now look at Tyson as his comrade.

Both Holyfield and Tyson spoke words of encouragement following the visit that resolved their tension.

Holyfield said “The feeling of respect mixed with the art of forgiving is the foundation of winning.”

Tyson was actually humble during his interview, saying: “I hope this comforts those who look at boxing as not having sensitivity, or circumstances that bring satisfying resolutions.”
The main thing to be learned is that the ear is not tasty nor is it encouraged in sports.

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