Get In Touch With Your Inner Femme Fitale

Kick Your Workout Up a Notch

By: Veronica Pistek


The F-word, yes feminism, has provided women with a newfound sense of confidence in being unapologetically female.

Not only have women been dominating a man’s world, women have also shown that men aren’t the only ones who can be strong and kick some major booty.

Kickboxing, typically a form of martial arts, has been transformed into our diverse culture—now being referred to as cardio kickboxing.

This fast-paced, stamina-building workout will be sure to give you a mental and physical makeover.

With our new year fitness goals creeping just around the corner, kickboxing can help you burn fat and gain that muscle—fast.

The cardio conditioning characteristic of kickboxing helps you get that dream body, while also kicking risk of heart disease and diabetes out of your life.

Plus, kickboxing improves coordination, flexibility and reflexes. By engaging in the movement of all of the muscle groups in your body, you tighten your core and sharpen your physical reaction skills.

Many of the moves in kickboxing are repetitive. The transition from power punches and speedy roundhouse kicks trains your muscles to work harder and longer—ultimately building up your muscular endurance.

These 2 to 3 minute-interval workouts condition your muscles and overall improve your health.

If you can survive this high intensity workouts, that winded feeling you get after a flight of stairs is sure to diminish.

While many women utilize the benefits of kickboxing to sculpt their bodies physically, some focus on the self-defense advantages.

The skillful moves of kickboxing combined with a focused mindset creates an empowering environment for the women who engage in this strengthening activity.

It’s important to have the ability to protect yourself from a dangerous situation. Finding the fight within the fitness broadens your horizons while keeping you ready for any defensive position you might be put into.

Mentally, kickboxing can surely be a challenge. Keeping your stamina steady and opening your lungs for air seems hard at the start.

Have no fear, the overall benefits outweigh the initial mental strain.

Kickboxing can be a healthy outlet for your day-to-day stress and frustration.

Being able to kick that negativity from your job into the bag, punch your bad exam grade into the pads, and breathe out the toxicity in your life overall—your mental clarity will transform into a better night’s sleep and a more positive outlook on life.

Let’s not forget psychologically, kickboxing releases endorphins that make our brain feel good. So, hitting the ring can replace your aggression with happy chemicals—say goodbye to negativity and hello to a healthy and balanced mind.

There is nothing sexier than strength and being able to kick butt.

Even after your first challenging kickboxing session, you’ll see improvements and results within your overall health.

These incredible benefits can transform you inside and out. It’s essential that we all find something healthy that we love to do that also boosts our confidence at the same time.

Now, do you think you’re up for the challenge?

Before you think about your journey to cardio kickboxing, here’s a few tips that might help ease your mind.

Set your personal goals. Every person in the kickboxing class might be there for a different motive—establish yours before you step foot in the door to start kicking.

Be honest with yourself. If working out really isn’t your strong-suit, it’s best to be careful and mindful with what you are able and not able to handle immediately—your limits are not your failures.

Find the right class for you, this can be done by looking up some reviews or going to meet some instructors to observe their class before committing.

Ideally, find a group that you are most comfortable with and an environment that will challenge you, yet understand your limits.

Once you figure out your game-plan, you can start gearing up. Find out if you need to purchase any kickboxing gear such as boxing gloves, headgear, or ankle supports.

Wearing active clothing is probably your best bet, and never forget your towel and a bottle of water.

Maintaining your energy for the class is imperative, be sure to fuel up on carbohydrates that will keep your energy levels balanced and your oxygen pumping.

Most importantly, remember that kickboxing is not meant to be daunting, you have all of the time you need to improve your health and who you are.

Keep your mind open, and you will surely leave filled with sweat, confidence, knowledge, and the motivation to try again.

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