April Fools!

Is a Hot Dog a Sandwich?

The Debate is as Heated as Ever

By: Mark Deutsch

Could a piece of meat between buns actually be considered a sandwich? (Credit: youtube.com)

Everyone knows about the famous hot dog; that all-too famous piece of cylindrical meat between a bun.

Since it does consist of a kind of meat with bread, this question has been raised – do hot dogs belong in the sandwich category?

This is a debate that has been looked over for far too long and must be decided soon.

Too start off, the definition of a sandwich must be known according to common knowledge. Anything that’s between two slices of bread is considered to be a sandwich. This “anything” ranges from eggs to ice cream, according to one’s taste or what one wants for lunch.

While a sandwich can be literally any type of food, most would disagree about a hot dog being a sandwich.

For starters, most people think of hot dogs as being separate from the sandwich group anyways. It’s even eaten differently, so that separates it from the sandwich group for good.

Sometimes, a hot dog isn’t even eaten in a bun, but is instead eaten as a cocktail.

There are many different ways to eat a hot dog, so there is no need to classify a hot dog as a sandwich. The hot dog is eaten in Germany without a bun in their culture, although the hot dog is eaten mainly in a bun in most cultures.

This debate isn’t about how many different types of hot dog there are out there in the myriad of cultures throughout the world.

It’s about whether a hot dog in a bun is considered to be a sandwich or not. The evidence points to hot dogs belonging to the sandwich category, that it in fact fits into that sandwich category.

Hot dogs come with many toppings, such as relish, mustard and ketchup for starters. A sandwich has a chunk or slices of meat along with vegetables between two slices of bread. Doesn’t it sound like these two food items have a lot in common with each other?

The hot dog stands alone in its own category that is seperate from the classification of a sandwich.

According to everyone, a hot dog is separate because it is eaten in a different manner than that of a sandwich. Also, the fact that hot dogs are different has been embedded into the mind of the American culture for decades.

Even if the hot dog would be defined as a sandwich, most people would still think that a hot dog is separate from sandwiches.

The hot dog has so many variations that it forms its own class of food. An example of this is sausages, which are served at breakfast but usually eaten at any point of the day.

The amount of vegetables in a hot dog is depending on the person that orders a hot dog, whereas a sandwich also varies upon the person that is crafting it.

This is something that sandwiches and hot dogs have in common, but still do place hot dogs in the same category as sandwiches.

Hot dogs are similar to sandwiches but can not be considered as a sandwich because of several reasons, some of which were mentioned earlier.

A piece of tube – like meat is not called a sandwich, it is just a hot dog without a bun.

To those who hold their own opinions about hot dogs are about as right as those who consider hot dogs to be sandwiches. There is no right or wrong answer to whether a hot dog is a sandwich or not. Either way, they’re both delicious.

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