April Fools!

My Opinion is Better Than Yours (Part II)

A Belief Coming From a Woman’s Point of View

By:  Roseanne Cassar

It’s no coincidence that Rosie the Riveter and I have a similar name in common – we’re basically the same person! (Credit: wikipedia.com)

Yes, everyone has opinions. People give their opinions even when they are not asked for.

Opinions shape who you are. For a person who thinks they know how to solve everyone’s problems but can’t for their own life need to get their act together.

Steven Aiello wrote an article about his opinion being better than others. But what people do not know is this: as a woman, I outrank you.

Sorry, Steven!

I will always have the last word. You, dear Steven, may have the “balls” but I have the “boobs.”

Your opinions may matter on everyday living but my opinions save lives and can change lives.

I am thrilled that our school newspaper has an Opinions section. In fact, it should have another section called “Advice Section,” it would be perfect for you!

I do think that my opinion is better than yours because my motto for myself is “I’m a mama – I make things happen.”

It’s simple:  I have expensive taste which I try very hard to curb.  But, if I ever marry a “daddy war bucks,” only then will I feel guilty of spending money so foolishly.

I would not like living a life of luxury.  I prefer to be comfortable.

Other people’s opinions mean nothing to me but my opinions will mean a lot more to others.  Sorry Steven, I am more awesome than you despite my few flaws, and the amazing gift that I was born with.

Who am I?  My name is Roseanne Cassar, you may call me “Roe” for short.  I am the girl next door.

I can be dry, blunt and pretty straight forward.  I know there are a lot of other young women out there who wish they could do what I can do on a professional level, but I was the chosen one at birth.

I also have a very high IQ.  Even though I am much older, I still have men drooling over me when they see me.  

I may be a senior here at CSI, but I don’t feel the need to use bribery, just a wink from my blue eye will melt all the professors hearts.

All the professors here at CSI know how special I am and it shows through how they just adore me.

The editor who is currently with our school newspaper knows how special I am.  He should give me the job of writing the Opinion Section and allowing me a crack at an advice section too.  

I know I’ll  do well enough and will get the job considering I’m a woman, and will do the job better than a man.  

All staff members here at the newspaper knows that I am the kind of person who “don’t give up, won’t give up, don’t give up and I’m the greatest” person ever to have working as a staff member because “I have stamina” to keep going.

Actually, I am the one who is going to be extremely well known throughout the world.  One day, I will walk down the street and people are going to recognize who I am.

I will be signing my name on every single piece of contract known to man.  My face will be plastered on everything.

Maybe you will see my face on the back side of someone’s shirt one day.

Plus, I’ve been told I should be famous.  I plan on living that dream real soon.

Maybe I will allow myself to try television and have my own show.  Maybe I will write my autobiography on what I will do in my professional life.  

I will show this world the meaning of what a woman can do. From now until I’m on my deathbed, it will forever be known – the one with the “boobs” will be considered  the greatest ever in the world.

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