April Fools!

The Air Diet: The Newest Diet Craze Sweeping the Nation

This New Diet Plan is the Answer to All of Your Weight Loss Prayers

By: Clara Perez

Inhale your body goals, exhale all of your hungry thoughts. (Credit: google.com)

Many of us struggle with our appearance and are always on the hunt for a new diet that will help us meet our weight loss goals.

Men and women everywhere have tried countless lifestyle changes in order to lose weight. While some are successful, many have no luck and become quickly discouraged.

It seems that new diet fads are always making headlines, as celebrities are constantly  publicizing their incredible body results.

The inspiration throughout social media gives spectators hope that a diet can change their lives.

While that hope is usually false, there is a groundbreaking new diet that is so versatile and adaptable that may truly be the magical solution to all of our weight issues.

The “Air Diet” is doctor recommended, FDA approved, and even easier to follow than the directions for making Ramen noodles.

This diet has a number of promising testimonials. Users claim that the Air Diet has helped them lose more weight in a short period of time than they thought was ever possible.

So, let’s get into what the Air Diet is and how you can start to shed weight instantly.

The “Air Diet” plan is a multi-step procedure that helps control your daily urges to indulge into unhealthy food and instead trains your mind to want to achieve your goals.

Here’s how it works: whenever you feel hungry, stop moving. Exuding your energy will only make you hungrier.

Take a seat if possible, and take a long, deep breath through your nose.

Exhale that heavy breath through your mouth, releasing all of the hungry thoughts from your brain.

The number of breaths you take is based on your hunger level. If you have the urge to splurge on a bunch of snacks, doctors recommend taking at least 4-5 deep breaths.

If you are only just beginning to feel hungry, 2-3 breaths are recommended.

Once you have taken your recommended number of deeply reaching breaths, your hunger will have passed and you can move on to other activities with the highest of your energy.

With no major side effects and the easy-to-do steps, the Air Diet is a definite crowd pleaser.

Not to mention this diet allows for maximum caloric deficit, since deep breathing burns more calories than what you are actually consuming.

Since air is approved by the FDA and doesn’t appear to contain any artificial hormones, fillers or flavoring, this diet is the perfect substitute for the unhealthy food that makes you feel lazy and bloated.

It has been proven that air dieters have had significant results in their weight loss journey of just a few days or weeks. Many “breathers,” as they are often referred to, claim that the diet has allowed them to keep up with their daily lives with minimal to no disruption of activities.

This seamless, yet highly effective diet change can be incorporated into any schedule regardless of a sedentary lifestyle or an overly active one.

Anyone interested in the diet should still consult their medical professional to ensure a healthy set of lungs and unblocked nasal cavity before starting the Air Diet.

So, what are you waiting for? Keep inhaling your positive goals so that you can exhale all of your tempting, hungry thoughts.

With summer just around the corner, starting the Air Diet just might be what we all need in order to jumpstart our weight loss goals and get our beach-ready bikini bodies just in time for vacation!

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