Rock Your Bod: Ditch the Cardio for Climbing

Rock Climbing Helps to Reach your Own Peak

By: Veronica Pistek

Rock climbing is a physical and mental challenge that benefits your body along with your mind. (Credit:

Finding a workout that is adventurous and effective can be more exhausting than doing the physical activity itself.

Fitness is a journey for your health, mind and body. Why settle for exercising on the treadmill and elliptical every day when you can spice up your daily activity with a thrilling challenge?

Rock climbing is a task that takes strength and endurance, but do not be discouraged.

If you are an adrenaline junkie or just someone who is seeking a dynamic lifestyle, rock climbing will easily become a source of physical activity and personal pride that will overall enhance your confidence.

Of course, it  would be awesome to travel to the mountains to scale some boulders every week—but with a constant busy lifestyle, indoor rock climbing has benefits equally as exhilarating.

Rock climbing focuses on your core muscles and will test every other part of your body.

When navigating the hand and footholds, you are use the entirety of your arms, hands, and upper body to pull yourself higher than before.

Tackling this challenge even strengthens your grip and can lower your body weight. Climbing also allows your body to perform a number of physical tests.

By building muscle and stamina, you enable yourself to engage in intense cardio and strength training.

As a result, your body is working toward a balance that demands adaptability and flexibility.

Climbing can even improve your blood circulation, range of motion, and of course, burn off all of those unnecessary calories.

Shockingly, becoming a climber does not mean you need washboard abs or the biggest biceps. All you need is dedication, mental flexibility, and an internal fuse.

When climbing, the isolation can be beneficial – it’s just you, your mind, and your body. Being the force of your own height is overwhelming, yet empowering.

A study from Indiana University discovered that rock climbers who completely immerse themselves in the climb enter a mental state of euphoria that releases dopamine into the brain and ultimately pain signals become blocked.

This leads to how rock climbing is a mental obstacle that helps you conquer your doubt and gain an overwhelming sense of self-reliance and limitless potential.

Fear is an inevitable part of being human. One of the most common fears held among people are the fears of heights.

Rock climbing indoors is a wonderful way to aid in conquering this fear. There is no need to worry with the safety of a harness and mats below on the ground.

Not only can you put up a battle with your fears as you climb, but also you can reduce the daily stress that comes along with life.

Climbing immerses your body in the flow of activity, focusing on the present and enables you to prioritize reaching for your goal.

Rising higher and moving toward a peak consequently lowers stress levels, as climbers are exposed to a motivational mindset and the encouragement to succeed.

Another major benefit that comes along with climbing is enhancing your problem-navigating skills.

Travelling through a path that involves specific judgement, you must utilize your energy accordingly.

If you put too much energy during the beginning of the course, you will lack the motivation to strive for higher levels toward the peak.

Furthermore, rock climbing also calls for planning skills and coordination.

In life, when faced with an obstacle, it is essential to lay out a strategic plan and utilize all of your judgement to overcome the boulder and reach your goal.

Before you start your journey of discovery, remember that this is just the beginning. Your goal is to overcome challenges and recognize each achievement as you progress.

Take time to learn the proper ways of climbing and safety precautions to ensure you will be having the most effective workout possible.

If you potentially become serious about improving, watch mentors and experienced climbers. Witnessing their techniques can inspire you and aid in your journey.

Rock climbing will have you literally thinking on your toes. It’s one of the few workouts that can burn calories, sculpt your dream body, and prepare you to deal with life’s most difficult challenges with strength – it’s certainly worth a shot.

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