Springing Forward into Time Management

Tips for Spring After Spring Break’s End

By: Mohamed Mahmoud

Balance life’s tasks with ease by eliminating procrastination. (Credit:

In modern society, we tend to delay our most important tasks and spend more time relaxing and scrolling through Instagram.

Now that spring break is over, it is time to put your phone down and tackle your procrastination head-on.

One of the biggest problems surrounding procrastination is lying to yourself. Believing that you can finish an assignment the next day instead of now only prolongs this process.

If you have no concrete reason postpone a task, today is the day to tackle it.

Not only will accomplishing your job lift a weight off your shoulders, it will also enable you to spend more time relaxing or doing things that you love.

This mindset not only goes for small simple tasks, but has been shown to be effective for managing school work.

A general study tested to see whether or not deadlines helped students combat procrastination.

Specifically, students were assigned to write three papers in three weeks.

The first group was given the opportunity to turn in all three papers in at any point during during those three weeks. The second group, on the other hand, had strict weekly deadlines for each paper.

The results showed that the students with the best grades were the ones given a deadline.

It is known that humans are not the best at regulating themselves. When it comes to procrastination, you have to trick your mind into getting the job done.

Begin by learning how to consume your tasks, one bite at a time. Take time to digest and process your flooded schedule, or you might make yourself overwhelmed.

Think about what is needed to get done and write down somewhere in order to remind yourself to check.

A helpful tip is to set reminders in your phone, or kick it old school with an organization planner.

Another mind trick is to start of small. If an assignment is due in a week, organize the work and see what can be managed easily and first by tackling bite sized segments.

In order to tackle this project, you can even break it down hour by hour. Manage your mental capacity by shortening the project into smaller tasks.

Another important idea is to learn to “set the table before making the dinner,” so to speak. Attacking a big project with planning is to get the easy stuff out of the way first.

One way that you can possibly avoid your long-dreaded assignment is by creative ideas that would make the project more enjoyable.

Now this does not have to be intricate. Start by decorating the cover of a report, or writing a snappy intro to begin an otherwise incredibly boring paper.

Just as importantly, remember to reward yourself for getting through parts of the project as small notions of motivation, rather than waiting to reward yourself after you are completely finished.

Lastly, ignore the siren songs. It is hard to disregard the constant energy encompassing social media.

If you are heavily invested in Facebook or online video games, have your parents or your roommates change the internet password to keep you on track, as a more radical idea.        

Removing temptations that surround you will help you focus on the priority that lies directly in front of you.

To finish this semester strong, remember to break large tasks into segments, start with the most enjoyable part, and clear out all of those distractions in order to get the job done.

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