Millennials Making it in the Real-World: Investing in the Essentials

Adulting Has Never Been Easier With These Items

By: Veronica Pistek

Navigating adulthood is about maintaining a healthy balance. (Credit:

Many of us go through four years of college studying for exams and making close friendships, but neglect learning how to iron our clothes for an interview⎯or even know to prepare a home cooked meal that is not ramen noodles.

As graduation season is nearing, it is important to remember that the real world is ahead and there are many essential items that will be needed sooner than we think, yet they have not crossed our minds.

Adulting not only calls for doing the dishes, learning how to do your laundry, and keeping your space organized and clean, but also learning how to be your own gourmet chef.

In our digital age, a recipe or cookbook app is just a click away. Whether you already think you know how to cook a mean chicken cutlet, learning new tasty experiments will make you feel like you are one step closer to having everything figured out.

Maintaining a nourished body also means a sustaining a nourished mind. As we transition into whatever our next step is: a new job, graduate school, your dream career, a new trade, or just travelling the world, missing out on a meal is just as easy as forgetting to hydrate.

In order to make sure you have the most energy for the busy day ahead, you should invest in a lunch box and reusable water bottle. A fresh lunchbox will remind you to eat, as well as saving you a few bucks from purchasing food every time that you are out and about.

Another item that many have in the real world is a grocery store rewards card. By building up points, you can score some fresh meat and vegetables to cook for lunch and dinner without breaking your bank.

Once you learn that meal prepping and filling up your handy water bottle will save you time, money, and exhaustion, you can treat yourself with that extra money to splurge on a night out with some friends or save the cash, as a responsible adult would.

Staying healthy is the key to staying motivated. Something that many college graduates may have not invested in is a new pair of running shoes.

Buying these new shoes will keep you on track and remind you that going to the gym or walking outside for an hour will not keep you behind schedule.

So, remembering to sneak in a workout during your busy week will recharge your body and also help you maintain muscle that can quickly fade throughout your adult years.

Though college may have ended and you sold all of your expensive textbooks, reading is just as important as it was in English class.

Whether you want to kick it old school with a physical book to read on-the-go or download some e-books, maintaining the tradition of reading will keep you grounded, educated, and provide some excitement during your daily commute.

Just as important, subscriptions to a few news sources or even just checking up on the news quickly  will remind you that you are an adult. The real world is here and you are living in it, so keep up with the headlines that might impact you and your future.

As opportunities will hopefully be knocking at your door, having a couple of business- professional outfits is a small, but imperative key to success.

Looking the part is also making the part. Head over to the mall or shop your favorite stores for a blazer, suit, blouse, or dress that strikes your style. Also, do not forget to invest in an iron to prevent looking like a wrinkled-mess.

Ultimately, dressing professionally also means being taken seriously by future employers or peers and gaining respect for yourself, the potential interviewer, and the business or school you are hoping to become a part of.

One cannot forget that money is at the root of adulthood survival. Applying for and obtaining a credit card is one of the best long-term actions that you can take.

Building your credit score from a young age can help you buy a car and house with exceptional ease, and also establish you as a credible and responsible adult that can manage their own finances. So, take it step by step. Download your credit card app and stay on top of your balance.

Last but not least, never forget where you came from. Whether you are still living home after college or embarking on a new journey into an apartment or house, print out some nostalgic memories and frame them.

It is easy to get caught up in striving for success and working long hours to prove something for yourself. If you go home and are reminded of the love and support from your family members and close friends, making it in the real-world will seem a bit more possible.

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