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We All Could Use a Platonic Soulmate

Find Your Soulmate Within Your Greatest Friendships

By: Jo-Musulyn Banks

A friend can definitely be a soulmate! (Credit:

People usually refer to the term “soulmate” as finally finding your significant other. When you think about a soulmate, it is typical for your brain to automatically think about romantic relationships.

Love songs, rom-coms, and Valentine’s Day are all about romantic relationships. Majority of people are conditioned to believe that a romantic soulmate is the only relationship in their lives.

Being in a relationship with your significant other and considering them to be your soulmate is beautiful, but what about platonic friendships? What about platonic love? Platonic soulmates?

What if I told you, your soulmate can also exist in friendships? Yes, your friend can be your soulmate.

Weird? Not really.

If you think about it, a platonic soulmate is the same as a romantic soulmate minus being sexually attracted towards your friends.

A platonic soulmate with your friend is the most beautiful and important thing that everyone should have in their lives.

Friends are people that you can be vulnerable with, share your feelings, and have moments of pure comfort and safety.

Being connected on this spiritual level with a friend in fact can make them a platonic soulmate.

Having a soulmate in the form of a friend means having a deep admiration and respect for them.

This occurs when the friendship is created on a solid foundation of platonic love.

You stare at your platonic soulmate with so much love in your eyes that you can’t help but to feel the warmth in your heart.

A platonic soulmate is someone that you can be 100% yourself around with, because they accept you for who you are, and not a false perception of you.

Being able to have an open, and meaningful conversation with your friends is a beautiful bonding experience. To be unapologetically vulnerable without fear of judgement.

A platonic soulmate is someone who is a reflection of you, whether it’s sharing the same interests or mindset.

Non-sexual intimacy within friendships also exists: feeling a connection, a vibe that words cannot explain. It could mean just wanting to be around your friend, because you enjoy their presence.

The common ideology of a soulmate needs to be thrown away by society. Look around you and see that your friends are, in fact, your soulmates in platonic form. Understand that a soulmate doesn’t always have to be a boyfriend, girlfriend, wife, or husband.

Friends don’t magically show up in your life for no reason, your real friends have the potential to be a platonic friendships.

Nurture your friendships with love.

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