“Big Mouth” Takes an Educational, Realistic Approach to Puberty

The Show That Doesn’t Hold Back on Its Content

By: Brooke Price

From left to right, the main characters of “Big Mouth” include Missy, Andrew, Nick, Jessi and Jay. (Credit:

Raging Hormones, masturbation, puberty, first kisses and relationships, “Big Mouth” doesn’t shy away from anything and is very upfront about its content.

“Big Mouth” revolves around 7th graders Nick, Andrew, Jessi, Jay and Missy.

Nick Birch, voiced by Nick Kroll, and Andrew Glouberman, played by John Mulaney, are best friends who confide in one another during their encounters with puberty.

Jessi Glaser, a sarcastic and smart girl is voiced by Jessi Klein. The magic loving Jay Bilzerian is voiced by Jason Mantzoukas.

The intelligent, science loving Missy Foreman-Greenwald is voiced by Jenny Slate.

Jordan Peele, who directed “Get Out” portrays the ghost of Duke Ellington who haunts Nick’s attic and gives him and Andrew advice.

The show includes graphic language and themes, but the show spreads a good message about growing up.

“Big Mouth” pushes the boundaries with its humor and content, openly discussing themes such as sex, porn and masturbation.

The show promotes being comfortable with who you are and loving yourself from the inside out. It informs viewers about the struggles of puberty and how one might feel.

The show discusses topics such as masturbation and sex to a graphic degree. The characters are mentored by their hormone monsters on how to handle their sexual urges.

The character’s conscious is portrayed by hormone monsters. The females are guided by Connie, played by Maya Rudolph, and the males are guided by Maurice, voiced by Nick Kroll.

Some dilemmas that arise during the show include Nick being concerned that he isn’t growing as fast as his friend Andrew. Another issue that involves one of the characters, is when Jessi gets her period on a class trip to visit the Statue of Liberty.

The show also discusses body image and to be confident in how one looks. There is also a song in “Big Mouth” that discusses that women should love their bodies no matter their imperfections.

The show is relatable to some viewers as it shows the ups and downs through growing up and undergoing puberty. The show address feelings that viewers experienced while they were younger, but too embarrassed to talk about.

Jessi struggles with body image because she wants to buy a red bra because she thinks it will give her some confidence. However when she wears it to school, she feels confident at first, but then she attracts attention from her peers and teachers which make her feel insecure and uncomfortable.

Coach Steve is a hilarious addition to the show. He is an illiterate and ditzy PE teacher that tries his best to mentor his students. He is also the school’s sex-ed teacher although he doesn’t have much experience.

There are many humorous moments during the series, such as a tampon singing about periods and an anthropomorphized pillow getting pregnant and giving birth in only a day.

There are also serious topics that are discussed in the series, such as abortion and consent.

The show focuses on the boys’ and girls’ adventures through puberty. Andrew gets an erection in class and Jessi gets her period in her white shorts while on a field trip to the Statue of Liberty.

The series also portrays dating and heartbreak.

Andrew and Missy are new to the dating scene, however when they breakup, Andrew is heartbroken and turns to porn as his escape from his life.

Although Andrew’s hormone monster, Maury encourages Andrew to watch porn, he is shocked to realize that Andrew has become miserable and addicted to it, even ditching plans with his friends to stay home and watch porn.

Eventually, Maury and Nick are able to rescue Andrew from his miserable state and bring him back to reality.

Jessi’s parents have been going through a rough patch in their marriage and it is revealed that her mother was dating another woman. On top of that, Jessi’s parents constantly argue, which prompts her to run away from home with Jay, who has a dysfunctional family life at his home as well.

Season 2 introduces a new character, the Shame Wizard who shames characters for indulging in their pleasures.

Season 3 has been confirmed by Netflix, and we can’t wait to see what twisted and raunchy episodes are still to come.

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