The Ball is Supposed to Drop, Not You

New Year’s Eve is an Exciting Holiday, But There are Some Dangers

By: Corina Gerbino

Have fun, but be safe. (Credit:

As New Year’s Eve approaches, we’re all making plans, preparing for parties, and getting hyped up. Every year, thousands of people wait from 6am in Times Square to watch the ball drop, even though it’s freezing cold outside. Party hosts are buying the 2019 glasses and noise makers, as they can’t wait for the party to start.  

What else are people buying right now? Alcoholic drinks and fireworks. While these things seem like the ideal part of a New Year’s Eve party, they are very dangerous. It’s extremely important that you review some tips and know what goes on so you don’t have a New Year’s disaster.

There are so many different drinks that contain alcohol. Drinking is a very common tradition adults do on New Year’s Eve. They drink all night before midnight and even after the clock hits 12. What most New Year’s Eve party goers don’t realize is that this is very unsafe. There are so many reasons why.

A tip that everyone should follow is to of course, don’t drink and drive. Drinking and driving can lead to problems such as car accidents, arrests, and death. New Year’s is the most common time that alcohol-related car accidents and deaths occur.

Instead of worrying about driving while drunk, plan ahead. It’s good that you and your close friends all have a way of getting home. One thing you should consider is having a designated driver. Although it might not seem fair that one person can’t drink, you’ll be glad in the end. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

If you can’t decide on a designated driver, here’s another option: call a car service. Some good car services include Uber and Lyft. You can call them anytime, especially on New Year’s.  This is a good way to get a sober ride.

Sober rides are definitely safer than taking the risks we all know. However, there can be some other drivers out there who are drunk. If you’re too scared to be in a car at this time, you can sleep over at your friend’s house. The person can let you sleep over.

Hopefully, you have reviewed the dangers of drinking and driving and ways to avoid a New Year’s disaster. Alcohol doesn’t just affect driving. There is a lot of trouble that can happen inside a house, bar, or club due to alcohol.  

Every year, people drink too much and it leads to fighting. Fighting in a club or lounge can very well get you arrested. This happens a lot more on New Year’s Eve.  

Here’s a tip to help you avoid getting in a fight or to avoid getting hurt because you’re nearing a fight. Please be aware of your surroundings. If you are aware and paying attention, you are less likely to be involved in fighting issues. The best way to help you be aware is don’t drink too much.

Now that we’ve cleared up mostly with alcohol, and hopefully you’ll follow these important tips, there are more things to know about the celebration coming up. Alcohol is not the only thing to watch out for. Another thing to be cautious of is fireworks.

Fireworks are beautiful. After the ball drops, you’ll probably go outside and view the fireworks. They may be entertaining, but don’t try to do them yourself, as they are very dangerous.  

Only professionals are supposed to shoot the fireworks. If not done professionally, fireworks can cause eye injuries and burns. Please remember that buying fireworks is also illegal in New York.

Just because you don’t own fireworks, doesn’t mean others around you don’t. If you suspect someone near you might shoot fireworks, please move away immediately. Always be aware of your surroundings, and you’ll be safe.

As I come to a close, I want to wish you a happy and safe New Year’s Eve. Please remember everything mentioned in this article and review it with your friends and family. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

Have an exciting and safe New Year’s celebration!

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