Fashion Is Everywhere and We All Rock It

Checking Out Excellent Street Fashion Choices.

By: Philip Sanzone

A showgoer joining in on the show’s incredible style. (Credit:

Fashion week in New York rolled out some amazing and eccentric new designs. These outfits were some that people would like to wear, while others think that it would be a completely crazy thing to do.

But on the streets, one photo of a woman with dirty blond hair, a smirk rising up, was looking passed her left shoulder. With a confident but slumped posture, a big trench coat colored in red brown soft pastels hung over her frame.

Another wore a rich pink brown pastel colored business jacket and pants. To accompany it was a mini satchel with orange brown pastel colors on it with a big belt loop in front.

And the cherry on top was that she was wearing red and white sneakers. She was standing in the middle of a cracked and worn street,with the background blurred just right for added effect. It was just enough focus that combined the street and model in a perfect composition. It gave off the vibe of a hipster, stoner, and also a business-type flare.

This is just a taste of what the show dabbles into. The fashion choices of the attendees that came to the show for fashion week, took the time to enjoy the fashion that is all around us.

With each sight of a new design, old and modern aesthetics were in the mix to create a unique yet workable clothing attire. Using a mix of different colors, many shades of one color were used in a variety of ways.

However, some choices of fashion were a little too much of a stretch. Even if the fashion is almost completely bland, it has somehow managed to make itself look like the 70’s butting heads with The Jetsons.

It is definitely a marvel to look at all the failed and loved fashion choices, some of which I would actually wear. These were some of the amazing styles from the streets of New York.

With that said, they do some wacky things in order to change up the dynamic of the clothing choice. For example, one lady is wearing a normal black suit with a white undershirt and marble-printed tie.

However, the unusual thing is they are wearing white sneakers, clearly made for running or jogging, and is accompanied by a black fur coat bag. Some of these styles are all over the place. It is amazing seeing the idea’s clashing within the fashion show and even outside on the streets.

There is even a more fantastical, almost cowboy/girl type of design one lady is wearing. Decked out in black, she is wearing biker-like boots and a formal jacket.

Also, using a seat belt from the looks of it, it is being used as a belt right above the waist. There is a strength behind these clothing choices.It screams that this design should not work, but the way it was executed and the choice in uniting the color pallet brought it together nicely.

In the streets and everywhere around us is a chance to let out our fashionista out. Not just that, but using everyday clothing in your own unique way expresses to the real you.

But sometimes people just need that extra push to go all out and bust a few moves. Luckily fashion week is just the right place for that.


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